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Pepper pot Garden

An experiment in growing peppers and chillis in pots rather than in the ground.

Various reasons for doing so but space, overwintering, and a head start on the season were the main reasons.
They certainly gained a head start on the season this way, kicking in very early with the black pots and smaller volume of soil. They do need to be in large pots though (250mm upwards) and mulched with straw or the like to keep the roots on the surface cool, and the pot at a reasonable temperature. The pots were arrayed on the south (shady) side of the path so while they got the warmth from the sun (the concrete pathway) they didn’t get cooked with direct exposure.

Space has been a great benefit as I’ve been able to move them around and out of harms way at times.

Overwintering I’ve yet to see happen but I’m pretty confident – so much so that I may even start some late summer plants as early replacements for the next season.

Containing 0 plants, graibeard's Pepper pot garden is an outdoor garden located in Carnegie, Melbourne, Australia and is grown using organic principles.

This Container garden is located in USDA Zone 10 and has Sand soil with a Partial Sun outlook.



There are no plantings in this garden yet.


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