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Back Along the Fence Garden

My DH likes roses and wanted to grow some when he started gardening when he came home from the military in 2004. Of course, he knew just about nothing about gardening, much less growing roses. He just picks out the ones he likes by color, fragrance, appearance – Dig a hole and put it in the ground. In 2006, he decided to start to plant a collection of roses along our fence at the side of the property. (He likes instant gratification, not necessarily the trait of a good gardener, but that means he likes to buy mature bushes that are ready to bloom. He also hates to weed or remove sod when planting). He has continued to add to his collection. Most of his roses are along the fence, and in spring 2008 I dug out a strip around them about 3 feet wide, put down landscape fabric and mulch and put in a short plastic edging. This didn’t deter our tenacious weeds one bit. They have grown around and in some cases through the fabric and mulch. Some of the roses do well, and others do not. They really don’t get any special attention. The 2009 growing season was definitely the worst – rain, rain, rain through spring and most of the summer until August. Then hot and humid. The roses blooms didn’t last long and got rusty-looking very quickly. Many of the leaves got black spot, leaving bare canes.

This garden will just be a place to document the various roses in DH’s collection, where they are planted and photos of the blooms. Some of them may be duplicated in other gardens. There will also be other things that will be planted here as time goes on and we find plants that can withstand the conditions.

2012 – OK, so the DH is gone, but some remnants of the rose garden remain. There are about 6 or so bushes left. I have started to plant other more native and insect friendly bushes along this border. I added the fenced in area of the berry bushes, though I think the Raspberry will overtake the Blueberry which I will probably have to move.

SneIrish's Back Along the Fence garden is an outdoor organic garden located in Swansea, United States and currently contains 19 plants.

This is a Border garden that is known to be in USDA Hardiness Zone 6b. It has mainly Combination soil and receives Full Sun light.




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