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  • Photo-upload-446566?1464384712
    27 May 2016
    After just over 9 weeks, slowed by poor weather, the gate and posts are completely painted and varnished. The hanging will happen tomorrow evening, weather permitting!

    Sunny 20°C / 68°F
  • Photo-upload-445923?1463408962
    16 May 2016
    Tomato Reduced to one plant now showing true leaves. Clematis tied back and evened out. Seedlings shown true leaves. Mowed lawn.


    Partly Cloudy 14°C / 57°F
  • 16 May 2016
    Best time is in spring. The goodness is leached in autumn, so if you have limited supply, wait, or put only on your winter-flowering / growing plants.

    Partly Cloudy 14°C / 57°F
  • Photo-upload-445849?1463335874
    15 May 2016
    My Crassula Budda’s Temple had grown to almost a foot in length with no side branches and fallen over. I had to hold it up with knitting needles! I had tried re potting to sink lower in the pot last year but this did not work and it kept o...

    Crassula Budda's Temple

    Scattered Clouds 13°C / 55°F
  • 10 May 2016
    The apple tree has started to blossom, although the number of blossom is down on other years.

    Overcast 14°C / 57°F
  • 12 May 2016
    The gate posts have been wood stained and have the first coat of varnish.

    Windy 14°C / 57°F
  • 11 May 2016

    Japanese andromeda (lily-of-the-valley bush) , Clematis , and Roses

    Scattered Clouds 11°C / 52°F


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