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  • Photo-upload-430610?1431606573
    03 Jun 2015
    I split the bed next to the shed into three sections, added about 50 litres of compost to the first section and then transplanted the parsnips from home. I know that parsnips don’t like to be transplanted but the bed wasn’t ready for them so I tho...

    Parsnip 'Hollow Crown' Planting Out and Allotment garden

  • Photo-upload-433022?1433885347
    05 Jun 2015
    The rhubarb is going mad at the moment – lots to freeze. Tonight I made a crumble with stem ginger chopped into the rhubarb and cinnamon & demerara sugar in the topping. ‘Aquadulce Claudia’ are not doing too badly considerin...

    Apple Mint Harvesting, Spinach 'Crocodile F1' Harvesting, Spinach 'Amazon' Harvesting, ...

    Scattered Clouds 11°C / 52°F
  • Photo-upload-433003?1433873232
    08 Jun 2015
    As per previous journals, the back garden is gradually being recovered from an overgrown jungle into, well, if not exactly a garden, then at least a space to put some more plants. Today’s project is to make a space for my beans; I have two t...

    Blackberry, Thornless Setting Fruit, Cherry tree Fruiting, French bean "Cherokee Trail ...

    Scattered Clouds 14°C / 57°F
  • Photo-upload-430473?1431442633
    03 Jun 2015
    Flowering and fruiting nicely so I quickly netted them whilst I’m away at the weekend. Something has already been at the two ripening random strawberries.

    Strawberry 'Elvira' Blooming, Allotment garden , and Strawberry (Random)

  • Photo-upload-432660?1433606171
    05 Jun 2015
    The pots of beans and cucumbers that I started on the driveway are now beginning to show through, and are expected to want planting out within the next few weeks. Both of these varieties are intended for growing at home – having largely fill...

    Cucumber Poona Kheera Germinating and French bean "Cherokee Trail of Tears" Germinating

    Clear 18°C / 64°F
  • Photo-upload-431691?1432800490
    02 Jun 2015
    Just a quick trip up to the allotment after work tonight as my housemate had promised to cook tea for me (which he subsequently didn’t do!). I was only supposed to be dropping off some coconut coir purchased en route home but naturally I sto...

    Allotment garden

  • 03 Jun 2015
    Sunny. Lawn needs mowing but that will have to wait till Friday. This morning I repotted the purple leaved hydrangea that we got from Knightshayes, the two mallow, all the snapdragon and all the sunflowers. Sown peas and lettuce in the veg bed aft...

    sunflower x10 magic box Hardening Off and Snapdragon x15 Hardening Off


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