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  • Photo-upload-462198?1518806090
    14 Feb 2018
    The Pansies & Crocuses in the white troughs are now flowering on the balcony. The Pansies have had a few flowers all winter but now there are more & more opening every week! There are a few Crocuses also open but there are many more in bud...

    Crocuses on balcony 2018 Blooming and Pansies, Mini-Daffs & Crocuses in trough Blooming

    Sunny 8°C / 46°F
  • Photo-upload-462190?1518802231
    14 Feb 2018
    My wife was given a Kalanchoe in church last year for Mother’s Day (Mothering Sunday). It was a very small plant & when it finished flowering I cut out the old flower stems & put it on our bedroom windowsill. It’s now flowering...

    Kalanchoe 2018 Blooming

    Sunny 8°C / 46°F
  • 15 Feb 2018
    DFS Associates bereits ein paar Tipps für Ihre früheren Post in Bezug auf die zu einem Hersteller Vertreter und ordnungsgemäß die Arbeit, die Gruppe zielt nun darauf ab, einige hilfreiche Ratschläge, wie man erfolgreich zu sein auf dieser Karriere...

  • Photo-upload-462125?1518384105
    11 Feb 2018
    Wildflower seeds from my granddaughter, Kirsty. She was given some packets of these seeds at school, & thought about me! She said she had kept a packet for me to sow & some others to sow in her garden as well. She is 10 years old. The pack...

    Field poppy 2018 , Corn marigold 2018 , Cornflower 2018 , and Corncockle (Wildflower se...

    Partly Sunny 2°C / 36°F
  • Photo-upload-461940?1517838361
    05 Feb 2018
    Its February and it seems, yet again, like a long long winter. My over-wintered vegetables have put on little growth, if any and I’m having to resort to buying my vegetables from the supermarket. Hurry up spring I’ve got lots to do!

    Vegetable Plot garden

    Mostly Cloudy 2°C / 36°F
  • Photo-upload-461313?1513146818
    12 Dec 2017
    in full autumn colour

    Growing a Forest garden and Swamp Cypress Showing True Leaves

    Frosty 5°C / 41°F
  • Photo-upload-461233?1511904809
    17 Nov 2017
    I planted out some spring flowering Crocuses on November 18th into the bed that surrounds Trinity free Church. The church is mostly circular & the flower bed, which is no more that a few feet wide, is planted up against the walls. The main ent...

    Spring flowering Crocuses Planting Out

    Partly Sunny 10°C / 50°F


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