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  • Photo-upload-53114?1333887575
    25 Feb 2009

    Musa ''Tiger Stripes'' Transplanted and Patio garden

  • Photo-upload-39955?1333745939
    31 Jan 2009

    Gloxinia #4 Purchased and Gloxinia N African Violets garden

  • Photo-upload-44104?1333482588
    20 Feb 2009
    This is number third time fruiting this year and the fruit getting bigger and bigger each time.

    Strawberry Fruiting and Backyard Orchids garden

    Overcast 25°C / 77°F
  • 18 Feb 2009
    My seeds order from Summer Hill seeds are finally arriving today, they do give me an extra Dianthus flower seeds. that is so nice. From the date show on the parcel was 10 Fed and just take 9 days to get here from America! that is consider quick.

    Overcast 23°C / 73°F
  • 19 Feb 2009
    Love this flower as well, had grew only once b4 in Bristol, UK and now will like to try whether can survive here or not.

    Primrose Sown and Gloxinia N African Violets garden

  • 19 Feb 2009
    Never have this plant b4, Saw them in Melbourne flower show and like it so much… especially the double petals Dahlia look like one. Really want to try to grow one here but not sure are they can survive here or not!

    Cematis Sown and Colourful Tropical garden

  • Photo-upload-53166?1333801410
    17 Feb 2009
    Have 80 plant of Gloxinia transplant into flower pots today and have a four levels shelf add into this garden as well, even its look bit ugly… but is nice build with the rollor that I can push it anywhere have the better sun light and bring...

    Gloxinia N African Violets garden

    Overcast 26°C / 79°F


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