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USDA Hardiness Zone 4b

USDA Zone 4b is a zone in the USDA hardiness zones system - this zone system can be very helpful to gardeners as it can be useful in determining if your plants are well suited to your garden's local climate. There are currently 430 gardens being tracked on Folia that are in USDA Zone 4b.

Carrot, Radish, Basil, Chili pepper, Tomato, Onion, Sweet pepper, Broccoli, Cucumber and Lettuce are examples of plants that often grow very well in this USDA Zone.

Areas recently identified in Folia as being in this zone include Clintonville (United States), (Canada), Ottawa (Canada), Stillwater, (United States), Williston (United States), Montreal (Canada), Country (Canada), Verchères (Canada), Castleton (United States), South Hazelton (Canada), (United States), Prescott (United States), Fredericton (Canada), Siilinjärvi (Finland), 05748 (United States), Quebec (Canada), Fort Drum (United States), White Bear Township (United States), Sioux Falls (United States), (Canada), 80132 (United States), Uppsala (Sweden), Ottawa (Canada), Camp Douglas (United States), Middle Grove (United States), Limehouse (Canada), Smithfield (United States), Logan (United States), Adams (United States) and Canterbury (United States).

If you are in 4b, lowest temperatures in your garden should be around -31°C [-24°F] to -28°C [-18°F].

The corresponding Sunset zone for 4b is approx. A1.

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  • PauletticusJ's East Lily of the Valley Area garden

    East Lily of the Valley Area garden

    Zone 4b This is pretty shady but gets some morning sun. After the Mock Orange was cut down, this spot looks like it needs some help. Planted the 3 Bleeding...

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  • PauletticusJ's Sunny Canna Area garden

    Sunny Canna Area garden

    Zone 4b Probably the only full sun garden area we have, except for the vegetable garden. Have always planted the Cannas there, but this year I am taking up...

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  • PauletticusJ's Fence garden

    Fence garden

    Zone 4b Our kitchen window looks out at this fence and we have been planting cosmos here for a couple years. This year I dug and cleaned it up and I planed...

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  • PauletticusJ's East Side of House garden

    East Side of House garden

    Zone 4b We had been putting various perennials here for the past few years. This year I dug and cleaned it up nice. Planted my Blue Boy dahlias here and pu...

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  • PauletticusJ's Side of Neighbor's Garage garden

    Side of Neighbor's Garage garden

    Zone 4b The neighbor's garage is ugly blue, crumbling, peeling and right next to our driveway. We planted hastas along the side, but I want to pretty it up...

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