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  • flowerweaver 06 Apr 2014
    • 11
    • 7

    VERY busy hummingbird day!

    Setting a new personal record of ten at one time on my hands, here are a couple new videos to show you the volume of birds at my feeders. The females have definitely arrived! Note: you’ll have to go to Flickr to view the videos. They may take a minute to load. The first one I set the camera...
    Overcast 15°C / 59°F
  • anelson 15 Oct 2011
    • 14
    • 10

    frost and fall color for october bloom day

    monkshood Blooming, agastache foeniculum mexican hyssop purple haze Blooming, salvia nuevo leon Blooming, l...
    We spent Bloom Day hiking Guye Peak on a sunny day. First though, i ran to the garden to snap a picture of the mexican hyssop so it could get a Bloom Day Badge. Hummingbirds are still visiting the hyssop regularly so I thought it deserved the honor. Other hummingbird favorites this time of year ...
    Sunny 13°C / 56°F
  • flowerweaver 29 Apr 2011
    • 19
    • 7

    Hummingbirds, caterpillars, chickadees (and a fire update of course)

    Trying to focus on the beautiful things still happening here…it’s not all doom and gloom. We are going through two gallons of sugar water a day with all the hummingbirds. If you have followed my blogs for a while you will know that wild animals generally aren’t afraid of me, whi...
    29°C / 84°F
  • GagGarden 11 Feb 2011
    • 3
    • 2


    Rooftop (Balcony) Main Garden garden and Sunbird - Nectarinia Osea (related to hummingbird)
    Apart from parrots, we often get visits from hummingbirds.
    Sunny 13°C / 55°F
  • funkisockmunki 23 Feb 2009
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    NW Flower and Garden Show weekend

    Lots of great stuff! - pruned the pear tree heavily as part one of it’s restoration - trimmed up the pruned wood for use in bentwood sculptures and structures - pulled two big handfuls of shotweed that was coming up - met Ciscoe Morris at the garden show! - saw lots of new plants that I wo...
    Cloudy 10°C / 50°F

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