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  • SneIrish 14 Oct 2009
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    Potted Raspberry

    Rubus strigosus - Everbearing Raspberry Potting Up and Vegetable & Fruit garden
    I put the rooted cane in a large pot with well draining potting mix. I don’t expect it to do much at this point except, hopefully get its roots settled in. The pot is currently in the garden workshop, but it will go in the cold frame for the winter.
    Overcast 10°C / 50°F
  • SneIrish 15 Jun 2009
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    Picking berries

    Fragaria x ananassa - Strawberry - "Sequoia" Harvesting and Vegetable & Fruit garden
    Of the three different berry plant types, this seems to be the best producing so far this spring. Of course this is only the first year for this one and the ‘Berri-Basket’ but I definitely would go with the everbearers over the junebearers. These were yummy on my Cheerios this morning.
    Sunny 21°C / 70°F
  • SneIrish 07 Jun 2009
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    More Strawberries

    Fragaria x ananassa - Strawberry 'Berri Basket' Transplanted and Vegetable & Fruit garden
    I bought this half-gal. pot of Strawberry for $1 at Seven Gables Farm in Rehoboth. It was the last one she had left. It already had several berries on it waiting to ripen. It was planted in the front area where I dug out the chives.
    Sunny 27°C / 80°F

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  • crlukejr's Vertical Strawberry hydroponic tube garden

    Vertical Strawberry hydroponic tube garden

    Zone 9b Made these vertical tubes using 4 inch thin wall pvc pipe, A cut was made half way though pipe and then heated and then pvc was bent back to back w...

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  • hotwired's Strawberry Patch #1 garden

    Strawberry Patch #1 garden

    Zone 5b My patch consists of June Bearing, Ever-bearing & Day-Neutral Strawberry plants. There are over 3500 strawberry plants in 7-1/2 rows in this g...

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