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  • hotwired 09 May 2010
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    Cross Pollination Crap Shoot

    Backyard Vegetable garden
    I’m getting more and more confused. Five years ago I netted and cross-pollinated a Jimmy Nardella and a Red Marconi Pepper. I harvested the seeds from both plants, and planted them the next year to see what would happen. The Marconi seeds didn’t result in much of a difference, but ...
    2°C / 36°F
  • nsenzee 08 May 2010
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    Sprouted Seed Potatoes - Should I buy?

    Hello, I am new here but it looks great. I have a question I haven’t been able to really find an answer to. I was down at the hardware store and they have the spring bulbs at 75% off. Ends up being pretty cheap. But the seed potatoes are all sprouted, some with quite a lot of growth. If I s...
    Sunny 17°C / 63°F
  • greenwoman 07 May 2010
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    busy notes & musings - the last 2 weeks at the Eco Course

    sweet potato , mushroom kit , pot plants garden , and back side stepped garden
    Mushroom kit is still going ok, but progress is slow, don’t know maybe it’s because we’ve suddenly got cooler weather. *Garlic is powering along and now about 8 inches tall. *Broccoli doesn’t appear to have done much growing since I last looked. Snake Beans and Peas hav...
    Clear 18°C / 64°F
  • TuesdaySue 08 May 2010
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    Broccoletti / Cime di rapa (not broccolini): How and when to harvest?

    I was delighted to find broccoletti seedlings in Auckland as we’d really enjoyed eating them in Italy. They’ve grown really well and are now about 30cm high and bushy after 5 weeks. When should I reap them? Can I take a leaf now and then and preserve the plant for longer? Or do I t...
    Cloudy 17°C / 63°F
  • RuthAnne 05 May 2010
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    Grand Fathers injury

    My peyote was hit by hail, and has been wounded. What can I do to keep it healthy?
    Rainy 8°C / 46°F
  • SmokeyJane 05 May 2010
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    Trouble in Underland

    Hanging Upside Down Garden garden
    I have been having some trouble getting the transplants in my upside down hanging garden established in their new homes. I have 6 tomato plants and two buckets with cucumbers hanging upside down. Two of the tomatoes did great. They adapted right away and have grown. Two other tomatoes were almos...
    Sunny 18°C / 65°F
  • laurieann 05 May 2010
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    What bug bites the plant off at the base but leaves the foliage?

    This has happened to my Chinese Cabbage, Black Kale and Sugar Snap Peas. It’s just chewed at the base but they leave the leaves behind. I thought it was slugs at first, but slugs would eat the leaves as well. Any ideas? thanks
    Cloudy 8°C / 47°F
  • pschafer 05 May 2010
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    Bugs in the garden

    Besides ants (tons of them seem to be nesting in and around the raised beds – update, I’ve included a link to a whole mess of ants that have been crawling all over my orange tree), lately I’ve seen these unknown bugs crawling all over the garden. They seem to be in the lettuce ...
    Sunny 19°C / 67°F
  • TropicanaRoses 04 May 2010
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    Got first round of compost Saturday

    Hubby had to go into work for a couple of hours Saturday and then he picked up my much needed compost. The compost that I started last fall, much to my annoyance, froze over winter, and so could not be turned. I do not even know if it is still usable. It is 1/3 to 1/2 done. It smelled a bit a...
    21°C / 70°F
  • Shibi 03 May 2010
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    Starting Seeds

    Haven’t had the best start. Was going to start early seeds outdoors until I saw all the varmite- rabbits! Plus the weather- It’s been windy and cold- I’m exausted within minutes of going out to work in new garden. I’ve devoted my time to fencing in the area and starting s...
    Indoors 18°C / 65°F

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