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  • mcav0y 11 Apr 2010
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    Need ideas for greenhouse/cold frame

    My partner really wants cucumbers. The problem is that it is too cold up here for cucumbers outside. A greenhouse is required. I don’t have a greenhouse. So all those ingenious DIY’ers, here is your challenge: Create structure (can be moveable, but can be permanent) that I can buil...
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  • disconotdisco 10 Apr 2010
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    Any advice on creating a pond and related plants?

    Hi, I’m trying to regenerate an old old pond in the garden of my house in North London. It seems that no one has kept it going for around 10 years – as i found out last week when i dug into the bottom of it. i was wondering if anyone on here has experience of maintaining a small garde...
    10°C / 50°F
  • Leylandii 10 Apr 2010
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    How can I make tap water acidic enough to water blueberries?

    Blueberry Bush Top Hat
    I was wondering if anyone had any tried and tested methods on how to make alkaline tap water the same acidity as rain water to give my blueberries? I don’t believe getting a water butt is a possibility as our landlord doesn’t want us to touch the gutter piping. Is it as simple as addi...
    11°C / 52°F
  • tiki1682 10 Apr 2010
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    Fig Tree Treating, Backyard garden , and Fig Tree
    I purchased my plant in early February and put it in the ground in late February of this year. I was told my tree will bloom and produce fruit in the fall, but it appears to still be dormant, without any shoots/buds/leaves on the tree. I was wondering if this is normal, as I went to a nursery yes...
    Overcast 11°C / 51°F
  • kcmarcey 09 Apr 2010
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    Shade Gardening: Black mondo grass: will it bloom in the shade?

    Ophiopogon dwarf Transplanted and West Footpath garden
    The introduction states that mondo grass is a partial shade plant. However, I noticed it was growing prolificly in it’s shady patio container. I don’t know if it ever bloomed, though. So, I used the soil from Sandy’s patio planter and filled the ditches along the footpath wi...
    16°C / 61°F
  • meybaline 08 Apr 2010
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    cover a concrete wall

    hello i want to cover a concrete wall what plants shoould i choose i like plants that flower
    19°C / 66°F
  • SaraBClever 07 Apr 2010
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    Seed starting problem?

    2010 Seed Starting garden
    Just wondering why my new grow light system has not done so well very far. For example, my tomatoes adn cabbage seem to have been burned by the light; while the rest of my plants after starting beattifully and adding a set of true leaves have remained stagnant. I should have been able to transp...
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  • Moew27 03 Apr 2010
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    Sugar Snap Peas Finally Sprouted

    Super Sugar Snap Pea Sprouting and Patio Pots garden
    I can see them coming through the soil now. They took forever to sprout last year, too. So I expected them to take this long this year. Should I separate my Oregon Giant Snow Peas from my Super Sugar Snap Peas? They may surely cross pollinate.
    Sunny 24°C / 75°F
  • SerenDippity 07 Apr 2010
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    Wild onion?? I need help identifying this...

    General Interest garden
    After the freak 5 minute thunderstorm with 1 minute of hail, the afternoon has been beautiful, if a bit windy. I took a walk around the yard looking at wild flowers and weeds. In the ditch at our street I was excited to find what looks like to me Egyptian Walking Onions. Are these wild? Is thi...
    Sunny 23°C / 73°F
  • JeanGreen 07 Apr 2010
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    2010 garden

    So what’s wrong with my tomatoe plants, and can anyone recommend an organic treatment? I bought them as starts and they were doing well…producing some good looking tomatoes, but now all 4 of my plants seem to be dying from the bottom up. Is it mildew?

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