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  • lolli 16 Jun 2010
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    How low to go?

    Photo-upload-128708?1333715027 When I put Baby Red in the water garden I put the pot on a half cinder block and a pair of bricks holding it at 6" below the water. Since I have removed the bricks and lowered it down to just the half cinder block taking it to 9" below the water but the pads just keep stretching and hitting the s...
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  • sarahwit 16 Jun 2010
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    Help with Identifying this plant....

    hello i was wondering if anyone could help me ID this plant this was in my last garden, grew to about one metre high, wasn’t very bushy it had a pea like flower, and the seeds were flat flakey and brown I live in South East Queensland, Australia For some reason i cannot add an attach...
  • hammerfisher 15 Jun 2010
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    Wanted Strawberry 'Berries Galore' Fragaria x ananassa

    Help i am looking for some Strawberry 'Berries Galore' Fragaria x ananassa plants or seeds i originally purchased some from a store in Everett Washington and i remember the came from Oregon State . Now i can not find this variety anywhere, The did not make any runners but the bunches made a big ...
  • emharris 14 Jun 2010
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    Bayer All-in-One Flower Care?

    I have to update with my new plant acquisitions, but a quick question to you lovely Folians: Have any of you ever used "Bayer Advanced All-in-One Rose & Flower Care":http://www.bayeradvanced.com/rose-flower-care/products/all-in-one-rose-flower-care? A Twitter friend suggested it when I mentioned ...
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  • HollyBee 14 Jun 2010
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    Would the person who did the journal entry (earlier this year) please re-enter the directions for making the spray from oatmeal??? I did the dry oatmeal around the roses thing ... around my roses and hollyhocks ... and it really worked well. Now I'd like to use the spray and can't remember wher...
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  • TropicanaRoses 14 Jun 2010
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    2010 Nebraska flood

    Photo-upload-132364?1333904005 These are just some of the pics of my garden... about 1/4 of it is under water, no idea what will survive. One box completely submersed, several partially submersed, and many very mucky boxes. We got just a bit of damage compared to the actual farms further east, and the rain is still coming......
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  • thundermouse65 08 Jun 2010
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    Dark stripes on Jalapeno peppers

    My Jalapeno plants just started getting a couple of peppers on them,but within the last week the first ones have developed dark green or black stripes on them. :( Is this as a result of frost late last month? What should I do? Thanks for any answers or advice!
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  • tiki1682 12 Jun 2010
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    Sweet Pepper 'Sweet Lipstick'

    Photo-upload-131837?1333569385 How can I prevent this plant from being eaten organically?
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  • NoodlesNZ 11 Jun 2010
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    Feed with watering can or pressure sprayer?

    What's best for feeding your veggie garden? I have been mixing up my fertilizer, organic bug mixture and anti fungal in my pressure sprayer, but because the fertilizer is seaweed based it sometimes blocks up the sprayer. What do other people use for feeding their garden?
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  • meybaline 11 Jun 2010
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    i havent seen this blog for a while the reason is that i was very frustrated of pests pigions and mice that ruin everything i did litetaly whole peices of plants were broken off my garden looks terible and i had dificulty getting rid of them becouse i dont want to harm anything just make ti go aw...
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