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  • sbeneli 18 May 2010
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    Random Plant.

    Photo-upload-125863?1333902923 We found this growing in one of our pots in the back garden. I'm not sure what was in the pot last year (if anything, it will have been a brassica of some sort), but we never emptied out the soil after. I have no idea what this is and was hoping someone would have an idea. :-)
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  • wiltjen 17 May 2010
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    Can veggies be planted at the cottage?

    We have a weekend home and I would like to plant some tomatos. I wonder if anyone had experience with animals etc. Watering is not a problem - we have a sprinkler system.
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  • Aida 15 May 2010
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    Spinach update (wk2, wk3)

    Photo-upload-125463?1333824620 *Spinach: Week 2* _image 1, image 2_ Got some true leaves on the week two spinach plants. They're all looking pretty good, but I feel like the stalks are awfully weak. I know this variety is supposed to grow upright to save space (hence the name, I assume) but all of the plants fall over at the...
    Sunny 17°C / 63°F
  • kbamateur21 16 May 2010
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    Learn and Reap

    Later in life I have decided to try my hand at gardening I never had the opportunity any place I lived before and now I do I bought petunias to plant in window boxes and I have no idea how far apart to plant them Could anyone please help me I am so clueless
  • WildeGardener 15 May 2010
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    still hanging in there...

    Photo-upload-126535?1333774811 well these two clary sage plants survived the ant/aphid attack and what seemed to be slugs attacking them. now there are little black bugs attacking them at night that move WAY faster than slugs. I haven't really been able to get a good look at them, but they're eating little holes in the leaves....
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  • Kevinb23 14 May 2010
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    Growing Cayenne Peppers in New England

    Has anyone grown cayenne peppers in the New England area (or specifically the Boston suburbs)? I have been reading about them and it seems like they need hot weather. I'm wondering if our weather is hot enough. Let me know. Thanks Kevin
    Cloudy 13°C / 55°F
  • drgnfly3k 13 May 2010
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    mammoth sunflowers

    Do I have to support mammoth sunflower sprouts or just let them lay on the ground???
  • nicurn3 12 May 2010
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    how to plant a veggie garden?

    I am rather new to gardening. We have planted veggie seeds before with varied success. This year we are using plants. We picked a large area in full sun, and last fall, used Round Up on the area. We tilled the area a few days ago. So, now what? Do you build up rows, with about 2 feet betwee...
  • Fiona 11 May 2010
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    A question about carrots

    I won't officially label this as 'harvesting', we just picked a couple of babies because the kids (and I) were just too keen. But, like every attempt I've made before, these carrots are quite bitter. Better peeled, but still far from sweet like the ones in the shops. So of course my question i...
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  • GeorgeSr 12 May 2010
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    California Wonder Bell Pepper disappearing

    After posting this question last night, I thought a little more about it and decided to add that the plant is still there, but the stem and leaves are gone. These peppers are about two to three inches high with four to eight leaves and have been eaten down to ground level. A couple of the leaves ...
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