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  • ninjascience 03 Jun 2010
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    Daffodil Replacement

    I'm not a big fan of daffodils, but the bright color is nice in early spring. What is a good bright bulb flower that comes up about the same time? Bigger than crocuses but smaller than my biggest daffodils (about 1.5 ft). Thanks!
    Rainy 10°C / 50°F
  • TropicanaRoses 02 Jun 2010
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    Sweet Smells of Summer...

    Photo-upload-130136?1333903648 Between our hedge row and the neighbors lilacs, our house smells wonderful!! I am posting some pics of the flowers on my hedge again... this time with a somewhat better camera, so hopefully someone will have an answer as to what it is!! :) The last pic is of the neighbors lilacs. Incidentall...
    Sunny 27°C / 81°F
  • halhurst 03 Jun 2010
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    Bin potatoes under attack

    Photo-upload-130113?1333903644 The AllBlue and the Yellow finn now have severe wilting going on. The limp stems are rotted off below ground. About half the stems from Yellow Finn are affected, and I'm afraid all of the plants in the AllBlue are goners. These planters are separated but in the same area. They may have more wa...
    Cloudy 16°C / 60°F
  • tanidab 02 Jun 2010
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    Moist soil plantings

    I need to seriously consider what sort of moist soil plants I can find for the outside area of our shed. We found out the first year after our shed was constructed that the area around it, after heavy rainfall tended to flood. Olaf had decided then to make a temporary berm around the shed with ...
  • twunky 01 Jun 2010
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    Oil Spill and Collecting Rain Water - Florida

    How will this oil spill effect my rain water I will collect to use for my hydroponic garden? (I'm in Florida of course) I found this, but Im not sure how true this is, but it does make sense... "Not 100% sure about this, but scientifically, the hydrophillic nature of oil would most likely p...
    31°C / 87°F
  • Aida 01 Jun 2010
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    How to select "best" cucumbers

    Photo-upload-129004?1333827978 I have 5 cucumbers that I need to narrow down to 2 to be transplanted in the next day or two. My current winning two: one who is growing ALL leaves in pairs because it's neat and I'm curious what happens as it grows, though I may have to relegate this one to a fence in partial shade to make way f...
    Cloudy 15°C / 59°F
  • chancegardner 31 May 2010
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    Yellow Blooming Perennials - what are these 2?

    Photo-upload-129689?1333903597 Could anyone tell me what these perennials are? Both were purchased at a yard sale last year. The first photo is what I think my grandmother called a Buttercup. She grew something like these (it's been awhile, Grandma's gone and my memories have faded). They are about 15" tall. Please ignore...
    28°C / 82°F
  • Aida 31 May 2010
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    First harvest (spinach!)

    Photo-upload-129550?1333482007 EDIT: Question is in %(bluebellblue)blue%. I had my first ever harvest, 50 lovely leaves of spinach! (*image 1*) The leaves were all definitely "baby" sized, 2"-2.5" long. The variety I'm growing just stays small, I think; as far as I can tell these should have been mature over a week ago but ...
    Overcast 13°C / 55°F
  • katydad2 31 May 2010
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    Celadine poppy seeds

    When does one plant celadine poppy seeds?
  • Spitcurl 31 May 2010
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    Nothing left to plant! Or...is there?

    Photo-upload-128266?1333903583 Most of my salad greens are nearing the end of their harvest. I need to decide whether to plant more (it may be too hot now), or figure out what to replace them with. I'll have between 12 & 15 sq. feet of fertile space (7" deep) to re-sow with something very soon. It is a bit too shady for ma...
    Overcast 25°C / 77°F

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