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  • meybaline 11 Jun 2010
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    i havent seen this blog for a while the reason is that i was very frustrated of pests pigions and mice that ruin everything i did litetaly whole peices of plants were broken off my garden looks terible and i had dificulty getting rid of them becouse i dont want to harm anything just make ti go aw...
    33°C / 91°F
  • caties 10 Jun 2010
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    Happy But Tired

    I am nearing the end of my fine garden. I still think something is missing. I have on order a garden stature of St. Francis of Assisi: For he was the caregive not only to mankind; but he believed all creatures large or small was a creation of the Creator and that they need protection and love to ...
    Rainy 31°C / 88°F
  • laurieann 09 Jun 2010
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    Catching Up

    Photo-upload-131470?1333903859 Went on a road trip to southern Oregon for a long weekend. Lots of driving but well worth it! Trying to catch up in the garden despite the nasty weather. I had jury duty as soon as we came back, so unfortunately, I missed the one day of sunshine. Wah! %(roseyred)I noticed that my yellow onio...
    Cloudy 14°C / 58°F
  • leafprints 09 Jun 2010
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    Hoya 'Kerrii'

    Anyone out there in folialand know of a good resource for purchasing a sweetheart vine? I live in canada and they need to ship there (bonus if it is a canadian site). Been looking for this variety for about 3 or 4 years now, to add to my collection of hoyas. Everyone I've found so far is either s...
    Sunny 12°C / 54°F
  • twunky 08 Jun 2010
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    Solar-Powered Timer? With built-in rain sensor? New Product

    Photo-upload-131237?1333903821 I have been looking for something like this for ever. Not only b/c its solar powered and has a rain sensor that stops the cycle(s) when it detects rain, but it can also has short intermittent frequencies and durations that I need for my misting system. And for only $39.99 !! The manual isn't t...
    Overcast 26°C / 79°F
  • flowerweaver 07 Jun 2010
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    Another harvest and RED Cherokee Green tomatoes?

    Photo-upload-131084?1333903809 After our first little "harvest":http://myfolia.com/journals/85549-first-tomato-of-the-seasondont-laugh, we've pretty much been eating them as they ripen, but I have been keeping a tally. I have not been good about entering the flowering and fruiting stages on the tomatoes. Also, it appears th...
    32°C / 89°F
  • flowerweaver 09 May 2010
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    Tomatoes Black Plum Paste and San Marzano Paste and Cinnamon Basil planted!

    Trying to get caught up with my virtual plantings and backdating this one. I'm finding the quick add feature does not allow me to pull up from specific plants. For example, I split the original batch I started from seed in two, planted half in the Backyard (already journaled about), and am now...
  • Fhaith 06 Jun 2010
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    While weeding I ran across a rather large bumblebee nest, in which if it were out of the way I'd just mark it and warn people to leave it alone. They are fairly harmless docile bees in my experience if you leave them alone. However, they have made a home where I really want to use the space a...
    Overcast 21°C / 70°F
  • Fhaith 06 Jun 2010
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    Growing Cumin

    I live in the Northeast - Central New York Fingerlakes region and came into some Cumin seeds. I don't recall ever growing it - and I am wondering what experience others have in doing so? If I start it now with a direct sow is there enough time in our zone to make it worth while?
    Cloudy 22°C / 71°F
  • MissMandragora 05 Jun 2010
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    Grey days can be nice too.

    Photo-upload-130752?1333903756 Today the sun wasn't as scorching hot as yesterday. Much better conditions to transplant loads of plants into their final destinations. Salvia verticillata, Echinacea, Blue vervain, red and green Shiso, Lemon basil and Minette basil all found their way into some nice spots and big containers. Al...
    Overcast 22°C / 72°F

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