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  • Aida 31 May 2010
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    First harvest (spinach!)

    Photo-upload-129550?1333482007 EDIT: Question is in %(bluebellblue)blue%. I had my first ever harvest, 50 lovely leaves of spinach! (*image 1*) The leaves were all definitely "baby" sized, 2"-2.5" long. The variety I'm growing just stays small, I think; as far as I can tell these should have been mature over a week ago but ...
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  • katydad2 01 Jun 2010
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    Celadine poppy seeds

    When does one plant celadine poppy seeds?
  • Spitcurl 01 Jun 2010
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    Nothing left to plant! Or...is there?

    Photo-upload-128266?1333903583 Most of my salad greens are nearing the end of their harvest. I need to decide whether to plant more (it may be too hot now), or figure out what to replace them with. I'll have between 12 & 15 sq. feet of fertile space (7" deep) to re-sow with something very soon. It is a bit too shady for ma...
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  • alligory 01 Jun 2010
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    Ground Cherry Plant not fairing so well

    So I picked up a ground (also known as husk) cherry plant at the local community farm seedling sale as I have heard delicious things about the fruit. I hadn't planned to buy it so I didn't have a pot ready. Instead I just put it in a free spot in my larger raised bed. Alas, it doesn't seem to be ...
    Overcast 25°C / 77°F
  • flowerweaver 31 May 2010
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    Pink and Lavender Borage?

    Photo-upload-129357?1333903564 In all the years I have grown this plant I have never seen anything but blue flowers. Tonight I noticed several of the plants have a mixture of blue, pink, and lavender (which looks more like a combo of the two colors) petals. An Internet search showed this strange coloration does occur, but v...
    Sunny 24°C / 75°F
  • Vladsf 24 May 2010
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    Blooming, very nice flowers: What plant is it?

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  • Scorch 30 May 2010
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    How often should I water beetroot plants?
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  • WildeGardener 29 May 2010
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    beans, beans, good for your heart...

    well these burgundy beans are just puzzling me. the first round popped outta the ground with huge leaves, ready to grow like "yeah! here we come and we're gonna be AWESOME!" they've continued on to produce several sets of leaves so far, each one with different shapes and sizes. well then i pl...
    Sunny 14°C / 58°F
  • skyfiery 28 May 2010
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    White sage seeds germination problem *grumbles*

    I don't get it. Sources online say that white sage seeds are easy to germinate, (especially?) if heat-treated. Tried that. Sowed in all sorts of conditions. They ALWAYS grow fuzzy white fungus on them. Got the seeds from ebay, and the seller feedback was good. Have sprayed diluted baking soda ...
    Cloudy 31°C / 88°F
  • Raymond 28 May 2010
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    RIP Sugar Snap Peas

    They've fallen victim to powdery mildew, and I've finally accepted their fate. At least I know how to prevent it next year. Question: I cut them off at ground level (I read that you want to keep the roots for the nitrogen), but because of the powdery mildew, should I pull those out as well? ...
    Sunny 21°C / 69°F

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