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JosephsGarden's Onion, Egyptian Walking x 100 Harvesting

Plant: Egyptian Walking Onion (Allium cepa var. profilerum) |

Growing in small out of the way patches all over the yard. I can start harvesting these a week after the winter snow-cover melts until mid May. Then in June the bulbils form on top which can be replanted to provide green onions for the rest of the summer. The flavor is robust but not burning.




Planting Data


  • 11 Mar 2015

    Harvesting day 4087

  • 05 May 2013

    Harvesting day 3412

    Sending up a flower stalk, but they are still tender.

    6.0 x bunch

  • 05 Apr 2013

    Harvesting day 3382

    First harvest of the Spring. Also the last harvest in the fall.

    1.0 x bunch

  • 05 Dec 2012

    Harvesting day 3261

    My most consistent food plant. Produces even in winter.

    1.0 x item

  • 05 Aug 2012

    Harvesting day 3139

    1.0 x bunch

  • 16 Jul 2012

    Transplanted day 3119

    Replanting the bed for next spring’s harvest.

  • 17 Jun 2012

    Flowering day 3090

    I am removing the bulbils of some flower stems hoping to encourage seed set. Edit: NO SEEDS PRODUCED.

  • 07 Jun 2012

    Bolting day 3080

    Lots of new bulbils. Almost ready for replanting.

  • 16 May 2012

    Harvesting day 3058

    Harvested once a week all spring. This is the last of the winter onions.

    6.0 x bunch

  • 16 Apr 2012

    Harvesting day 3028

    Still tasting great!

    8.0 x bunch

  • 09 Apr 2012

    Harvesting day 3021

    7.0 x bunch

  • 04 Apr 2012

    Harvesting day 3016

    My second harvest of egyptian onions for the year.

    1.0 x bunch

  • 25 Mar 2012

    Harvesting day 3006

    Harvested green onions to share with family and friends.

    6.0 x bunch

  • 04 Mar 2012

    Sprouting day 2985 First Sprouts: Chives! Walking Onions...

  • 01 Jan 2004

    Sown day 0

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