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  • KathN 22 Feb 2012
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    For Dust Thou Art

    Melon "Tigger" Sprouting, Pumpkin "Small Sugar" Sprouting, Winter Squash "Winter Luxury" Sprouting, and Sta...
    It’s been a hard day. Pebbles, my old dog of 15 years had to be put to sleep this morning. We knew it was coming; she’d been having serious issues breathing for the last five days, and … come on, she was OLD. All the same, letting her go was hard, even though it truly was for...
    Partly Sunny 11°C / 52°F
  • fionasfarm 04 Mar 2010
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    Cilantro-Corriander/Paper Towel Experiment now Coffee Filter Experiment

    A second try at sprouting the Cilantro seeds, this time in a damp coffee filter and in a cooler locale in my house seems to be succeeding, despite the filter drying out a few times! There are little whitish prongs popping out from some of the seeds! How about that!! And in only 6 days! (for Cilan...
    -7°C / 20°F

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