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  • mpsprengeler 28 Sep 2013
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    Done with broccoli

    Tomato 'Roman candle' Dying, Tomato 'Fourth of July' Dying, Winter squash 'Buttercup' , Pea 'Rogers Early P...
    Actually was done a week ago – pulled it up today. Tomatoes about done too, just waiting for the last few to finish ripening on the vine as long as we still have good weather. Radishes looking good, will be ready in a week or so, peas OK but I think there’s not enough sun anymore wi...
    Sunny 24°C / 76°F
  • beth 25 Aug 2013
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    Kitchen garden, planted

    Kitchen garden
    There’s an area for herbs, planted with some large seedling plants: - basil - lavender - cilantro - chives (divided from a plant I had in a container) - “pizza thyme” - mint - (empty space awaiting sage) When I get a chance, I will mulch these with sand. Then I have some seeds:...
    Partly Sunny 27°C / 80°F
  • beth 24 Aug 2013
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    Kitchen garden
    Chris dug out some big roots, and (surprise!) nine giant flagstones. We’re guessing they were once a flowerbed border, and got covered up. We’ll be re-using them to define the edge of the garden. We have an old rototiller in the shed. My dad came over with a can of gasoline and helped...
    Partly Sunny 27°C / 80°F
  • GreenGuy 30 Oct 2012
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    Acorns & pecans Driving me Nuts

    Native Live Oak in lawn x1 Harvesting, Texas Live Oak along street x3 Harvesting, and Pecan Harvesting
    Way more acorns being dropped all over my front yard and driveway than I expected. So many that my car actually skids on the acorns due to lack of traction unless they are swept off the concrete! I’ve spent several hours sweeping acorns, and there are still several hundred acorns in my tre...
  • anelson 15 Nov 2012
    • 8
    • 2

    Every leaf speaks bliss to me--Nov bloom day

    foxglove Blooming, laceleaf maples Changing Colour, nasturtium whirlybird Blooming, winter flame maple Chan...
    Still no killing frost and there are plenty of late summer blooms, but the fall colors on a sunny morning are almost too brilliant to bear. Bloom day badge goes to a volunteer magenta foxglove—because these are such attractive weeds.
    Clear 3°C / 37°F
  • anelson 15 Oct 2012
    • 7
    • 4

    Fall, finally

    insane raspberries Fruiting, aronia Changing Colour, flowering plum Changing Colour, pink dogwood Changing ...
    Bloom day in October comes during that colorful collision between late summer blooms and early fall color, as well as the start of the rainy season after 3 months of dryness. We are still harvesting summer vegetables, with zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant and corn finally ripe. I’m giving the ...
    Light Rain 16°C / 61°F
  • doubledug 06 Oct 2012
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    Seasons Change

    Backyard Vegetable garden
    As we move into Fall, my garden has continued its transition from not only another growing season, but another season of change – downsizing. Today, after harvesting and removing this season’s plants; I removed another raised bed, leveled the backyard and re-seeded the ground with gra...
    Windy 21°C / 70°F
  • Ostrya 05 Oct 2012
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    McIntosh Apple Harvest continues

    Backyard Trees garden and McIntosh Apple Harvesting
    We’re whittling away at the apples on the tree, one or two buckets at a time. For Harvest Day, I picked two buckets full, plus enough to refill any dents we had put in the other baskets in the garage from donating apples to our neighbor. We’ve been skirting the frosts, and although we...
    Overcast 3°C / 37°F
  • anelson 05 Oct 2012
    • 9
    • 1

    Humbling, to live with so much beauty and abundance

    apple trees Harvesting, fireweed Seeding, and apple Harvesting
    This time of year is so overwhelming, with the back to class rush, the eager young faces, so little time and yet so much to do. We have had no significant rain in 2 and a half months, but still nature is offering so much. Trees are turning fantastical colors, and bearing fruit at the same time. W...
    Clear 13°C / 55°F
  • TropicanaRoses 04 Oct 2012
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    • 0

    The Wind Whistles

    Fall is upon us. The beautiful color of the changing of the seasons. All shades of Gold, Brown, Red and Orange surround us, with the occasional green still showing, and the evergreens of course, stay with us through the icy, cold breathe of winters grip. The wind whistles through the leaves, m...
    Cloudy 7°C / 45°F
  • TropicanaRoses 15 Sep 2012
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    This is for Bloom Day.

    White Dawn Rose Bush Blooming, Sedum Blooming, and Mums, Pom Pom varieties, 2 colors x 4 Blooming
  • TropicanaRoses 15 Sep 2012
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    Beauty in the midst of awful drought.

    Mums, Pom Pom varieties, 2 colors x 4
    There are two main flower beds in my front yard. A third still needs much work. But the two that are sort of center pieces I have been flooding, along with my veggie garden, several times a week. Every day at the hottest portion of the summer. The flowers are from my front beds. I also have ...
  • Alan_Jackson 04 Aug 2012
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    First planting

    Chiltepin pepper to keep the birds off the tomatoes 2 vine tomatoes, Black Krim and Matt’s Wild 1 cherry tomato, Dona 1 Jalapeno Cucumber seeds – Homemade Pickles Cucumbers also started herb garden, 1 Sweet Aussie Basil 1 Italian Oregano 1 Berggarten Sage
    Storms 37°C / 99°F
  • anelson 05 Dec 2011
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    • 4

    December Harvest Day

    evergreen huckleberry Harvesting and Sunshine Blue Harvesting
    “Does it ALWAYS rain so much?” asked our Italian exchange student a week ago. Some nature spirit must have heard her because a record high pressure has settled in for the past week, bringing cold foggy mornings and cool partly sunny afternoons. Only 2 nights of killing frost so far t...
    Overcast 2°C / 35°F
  • TropicanaRoses 25 Nov 2011
    • 5
    • 8

    Christmas Cactus!!!!

    SneIrish' Christmas Cactus Blooming
    Well the first of the Christmas Cactus has bloomed! Too bad it didn’t make it in time for the November Bloom Day. I bet it will be all done by the time Decembers Bloom Day rolls around. :) If you would like to interest your children in growing things, I think that this would be the best w...
    Cloudy 14°C / 58°F

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