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  • anelson 15 Dec 2012
    • 6
    • 1

    I know you cant stay--December bloom day

    wax leaf silktassel Budding, Stinking hellebore 'bearsfoot' Budding, Tree Collards Growing, Jacob Hellebore...
    Chilly, rainy day, but very nice to sit and chat with my daughter who is just home from college. Still no killing freeze, and the winter loving plants (hellebores, silktassel) are cheerful. A few summer annuals are still in bloom, or, in the case of the wild dagga, just beginning to bloom. I miss...
    Rainy 3°C / 37°F
  • david3417 08 Oct 2012
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    • 0

    Rain 2.7"

    Rain 2.7"
  • Vladsf 22 Oct 2012
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    • 0

    First rainy day of Fall-Winter!!!!!

    West Door, JOES 2012 garden and Three Sisters, JOES 2012-2013 garden
    First rainy day! It was a good soak in the morning.
    Rainy 17°C / 63°F
  • anelson 15 Oct 2012
    • 7
    • 4

    Fall, finally

    insane raspberries Fruiting, aronia Changing Colour, flowering plum Changing Colour, pink dogwood Changing ...
    Bloom day in October comes during that colorful collision between late summer blooms and early fall color, as well as the start of the rainy season after 3 months of dryness. We are still harvesting summer vegetables, with zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant and corn finally ripe. I’m giving the ...
    Light Rain 16°C / 61°F
  • anelson 08 Sep 2012
    • 3
    • 4

    "Rain" is in the forecast for tommorrow night.

    This is kind of funny. If we actually do get some then we wont break the record of 51 consecutive rain-free days. I’m going to be watering tommorrow anyway. We are only expecting about 0.1 inch, than back to sun on Tues.
    Sunny 24°C / 75°F
  • sheepandwool 13 Jul 2012
    • 10
    • 8

    Hedging your weather bets.

    For all of you in the same boat as me, dry/hot weather-wise, I think I found a way of making it pour cats and dogs. All you need to do is to harvest your garlic and find a shady spot in which you place it to cure. Then, decide to air out your car, by leaving all of the windows open a crack, and...
    Cloudy 32°C / 90°F
  • seeingreen 07 Jul 2012
    • 10
    • 7

    A Harvest of Sweet Peas

    Sweet Pea, Wiltshire Ripple Harvesting, Sweet Pea, Giant Waved Mix Harvesting, Sweet Pea, Cuthbertson mixed...
    Weather was diabolical yesterday though thankfully we are not affected by the flooding as in some parts of the country. Am hoping it hasn’t affected my sister, down in the west country, too badly – news shots showed water up to the bedroom windows in some villages. Fortunately they ...
    Rainy 18°C / 64°F
  • SarahSmile 30 Jun 2012
    • 0
    • 0


    Finally. I check NOAA it said we got an inch over the last 24h. Friday afternoon storms, then rounds that woke me at 2:30 and 3:40. The lawn had started from brown to flecks of green already!
    Storms 36°C / 97°F
  • LadyIris 15 May 2012
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    • 0

    May night mare of Black spot and masses of roses turning brown

    Yep it’s still here and it is heart breaking. I have the Cotton seed mill but it is just too late. All the leaves are falling from the MAY QUEEN and she looks really really sick. New Dawn was a wash with blooms (still think they sent me a CB instead as she has not bloomed but x 2 in 3 years...
    Storms 29°C / 85°F
  • seeingreen 03 Jun 2012
    • 10
    • 1


    Corsican mint and Tomato & Chilli Pots garden
    Needn’t have bothered scurrying round to take cans of water for all the direct sown seeds this evening, it’s coming down in buckets and the water butts are full once again. Purchased more Multi-purpose; John Innes no3 and Ericaceous compost today – 14 bags in all – I have ...
    Overcast 18°C / 64°F
  • seeingreen 01 May 2012
    • 8
    • 5

    My water-butts runneth over ...

    Cold Frame Container garden , Back Fence Border garden , Black bamboo Pruning, and Road screening garden
    …. and so do the rivers. All the water meadows along the river Thame are huge lakes at the moment, the true course of the river only discernible by the snaking line of trees and bushes. Water lies in pools on the bean fields, rushes down the ditch on the westerly garden boundary and has tur...
    Rainy 17°C / 63°F
  • rosemarieGardener 23 Apr 2012
    • 6
    • 1

    Welcome, rain!

    The gardens are so happy. I look out my sliding glass door at several of the perennial gardens and see the clumps of recently sprouted or broken dormancy plants, growing larger right before my eyes! The only drawback that comes to mind is that the rain wears out the blooming daffodils sooner than...
    Rainy 13°C / 55°F
  • seeingreen 19 Apr 2012
    • 6
    • 3

    Hardening off stalled

    Conservatory propagating garden
    Tomatoes, capsicums and squashes have been stuck indoors for the past 3 days – just too rough and windy to go out – even though before that they had been out for most of the day for previous 2 weeks. The earliest planted really need a third pot-on but I’ve nowhere to put any mo...
    Storms 12°C / 54°F
  • seeingreen 18 Apr 2012
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    • 1

    After the rain...

    Macedonian Scabious Growing, Delphiniums Planting Out, Geranium Phaeum Thinning Out, Knapweed Thinning Out,...
    …came late afternoon sun, though still a chilly wind (yesterday). Decided to do more mixed border 2 renovations which soon worked up a sweat. DS2 rough- turned most of it about a week ago, avoiding any plants. After the softening effects of the rain it seemed like a good time to fork eve...
    Storms 11°C / 52°F
  • AnneTanne 16 Apr 2012
    • 4
    • 0

    Cold, cold, cold...

    All around my House... garden
    … but at least it is raining! March was rather mild (and dry), which is OK, but April really is too cold here in Belgium. Temperatures have drop since last month, but at least we have some rain. Not too much rain, it even might be more, but not the dry spring like we had already a few yea...
    Rainy 11°C / 52°F

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