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  • wenjomatic 07 Aug 2008
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    It's a great morning to be a gardener!

    Oh man, some days are just mouth watering when you garden, aren’t they? Gosh, I knew I needed to do some harvesting today, but I really didn’t expect to fill up the bowl. Is 9am too early for a salad??? My broccoli started coming in a week or so ago. Thankfully it’s taking its ...
    Sunny 21°C / 69°F
  • TheLibra 24 Jul 2008
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    The God in the Garden

    Frequently, I ask myself why I’m gardening, and I always come up with a different answer every time. Certainly there’s the issue of a rising food crisis around the world, and the Victory Gardener in me feels the obligation any parent and spouse should feel to ensure their family is fe...
    Sunny 36°C / 97°F
  • hstupno 12 Jul 2008
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    'Genuine' Cucumber Showing True Leaves and Heidi's 2008 Vegetable garden
    These babies are doing very well. Compared to the long survivor of the hail storm they look very small, but they’re very healthy.
    Cloudy 24°C / 75°F
  • hstupno 30 Jun 2008
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    Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix and Heidi's 2008 Vegetable garden
    Houston, we have germination.
    Overcast 24°C / 75°F
  • hstupno 29 Jun 2008
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    Still have a harvest!

    Crunchy Royale Radish Harvesting and Heidi's 2008 Vegetable garden
    Even after that beating they took during the hail storm, I’ve pulled up a few radishes, with more to come it appears. There are the small, round type.
    Overcast 24°C / 75°F
  • hstupno 23 Jun 2008
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    Mini Head Lettuce and Heidi's 2008 Vegetable garden
    The small head of lettuce I planted in the container seems to have survived the hail storm. It’s not pretty, but I think I can salvage a salad or two out of it.
    Overcast 23°C / 74°F
  • jennydee 15 Jun 2008
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    The first flower!

    Pea 'Sugar Snap' Blooming and Square Foot garden
    When I went outside today, one of the pea vines (they’re getting ridiculously tall) had a flower on it! Maybe we’ll have some peas soon!
    Sunny 20°C / 68°F
  • hstupno 14 Jun 2008
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    So far So Good

    Sweet Olive Tomato and Heidi's 2008 Vegetable garden
    Despite some critter damage and replanting of a new tomato seedlings, they’re doin okay. The basil in the other corners is finally taking hold as well.
    Sunny 17°C / 63°F
  • hstupno 14 Jun 2008
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    The Lone Cucumber

    Cucumber and Heidi's 2008 Vegetable garden
    My one surviving cucumber seedlings is still alive, but not doing much. I could direct seed a couple, but I’m still debating whether to do that or not.
    Sunny 17°C / 63°F
  • jennydee 13 Jun 2008
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    Trellis and mulching

    Square Foot garden
    Looking at the photo I have as the main picture for this garden amazes me, because it’s clear just how much things have grown just in two weeks. I’ll have to update it. Earlier in the week we finished getting the trellises up. Since the pipe was an odd diameter, my husband wound up us...
    Sunny 26°C / 79°F
  • jennydee 09 Jun 2008
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    Winter Squash 'Potimarron' Showing True Leaves and Square Foot garden
    I’ve got two seedlings up, and I need to pick one and cut the other out, but I haven’t come to a decision yet.
    Storms 26°C / 79°F
  • jennydee 09 Jun 2008
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    Jalapenos already?

    Pepper 'Jalapeno' Fruiting and Square Foot garden
    This just in from the land of craziness: This plant already has peppers on it. It had blooms when I bought it and maybe I should’ve removed those, but between last night and tonight two of them have turned into wee little jalapenos.
    Sunny 24°C / 76°F
  • jennydee 07 Jun 2008
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    Winter Squash 'Potimarron' Sprouting
    Sunny 32°C / 90°F
  • jennydee 08 Jun 2008
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    Salad days

    Lettuce 'Forellenschluss' Harvesting and Square Foot garden
    The lettuces are growing really well. I’m very pleased. It’s gotten very hot very fast, though, so I’m hoping they don’t bolt too soon. I harvested enough for a reasonable-sized salad for just me today. My favorite is still salt first, then olive oil, then vinegar, then a ...
    Sunny 30°C / 86°F
  • flight 07 Jun 2008
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    The Labels

    I added a gaggle of labels to this picture…
    Storms 13°C / 55°F

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