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While up at my in-laws cottage, I built a couple of raised beds. They’re filled with a bit of local top soil (the worst of the rocks picked out…hopefully), a bag of peat moss, some partially composted cedar mulch, and some lime (the soil here is naturally a bit acidic, plus the peat). I’m keeping my eyes open for a clearance deal on some compost or black earth, but I won’t hold my breath.

Bed #1 is earmarked for garlic, and I’m thinking of companion planting some carrots in the spring. Bed #2 is there in case my garlic order (coming from the fine folks at The Cutting Veg) takes up more room than I anticipate. If it doesn’t end up overflowing to Bed #2, I’m thinking I may try to get some early brassicas in there next spring.

The composter at the cottage is coming along nicely. 4 people trying to eat more fruit and veggies means we generate a good bit of compostable food waste, and my father-in-law stored up a fairly good stash of grass clippings. I’ve been layering the half-rotted grass on top of the food waste, because there are some pest issues in the area. My only concern is that the carbon-nitrogen ratio might be a bit skewed, but since recycling isn’t overly prevalent here, I figure some shredded paper should do the trick.

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Bull Pond Raised Bed #1 garden

Bull Pond Raised Bed #2 garden


  • HazelJ

    HazelJ wrote:

    I’m glad you’re able to get some gardens in. Happy gardening!

    Posted on 02 Oct 10 (over 4 years ago)

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