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Monday, 16 Aug 10 Cloudy 22°C / 71°F

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It appears that I am a lousy achocha fertilizer, a fact I suppose I can live with. We lack the native pollinators that would do the trick, and I seem to have no skills, as far as this particular plant is concerned, so I’m pulling up the achocha today, if the rain breaks.

The zucchini was mysteriously unproductive this year, too. I’m really not sure why. We’ve been harvesting pumpkins since July(!), but only one sicky zuke formed, before it dropped off altogether. At this point, there are still 4-5 pumpkins out ripening in the beds, and 4 stacked up in the kitchen, waiting for inspiration to strike.

My test of spinach plants, and plants called “spinach” is pretty well concluded, and I think I like the beetberry best of all, while the chickens favor the New Zealand spinach. So, I suppose both will be planted again. I’ve given serious thought to putting a chicken-fodder bed in next to the run, so I can free up more kitchen garden space for the rest of us.

I’m ramping up for the winter planting: the hardier kale types, more lettuces, and some other sturdy brassicas that will appreciate the milder weather ahead. Since the chickens are enjoying all the spare fresh vegetables, too, I’m going to put hoops on at least 2 of the beds, to let us harvest well into the snowy part of the year.


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  • flowerweaver

    flowerweaver wrote:

    I am continuously amazed at how many gardeners, local or otherwise, have had a hard time growing squash this spring. I’m wondering what’s up with this? Usually everyone has so many zukes they can’t give them away. Out of 60 squash plants we harvested one zucchini, three scallop, three tatume, and zero crookneck. What is going on?
    The achocha looks like beetberry…the same?

    Posted on 17 Aug 10 (almost 5 years ago)

  • blurdom

    blurdom wrote:

    That’s really strange. I did notice that we had very little pollination activity in the zucchini, could that be it?
    The bees spent all their time in the pumpkin flowers, for hours every day. The zukes were pretty neglected.
    And the achocha didn’t stand a chance.

    The photo is the beetberry, correct! I have nothing achocha-y worth photographing, unfortunately.

    Posted on 17 Aug 10 (almost 5 years ago)

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