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Wednesday, 28 Apr 10 18°C / 64°F

I HATE squirrels!! I was out taking a look around the garden last night and noticed a square that I seeded Sunday between the rain showers had been dug up by a squirrel. I typically put home made wire mesh cages over each square till after the seeds have sprouted and are big enough that the birds won’t pluck their sprouts out but I only have 6 good cages and have 7 recently planted squaes. I’m assuming he found all 4 cucumber seeds so I quickly cleaned it up and reseeded the square and put one of my first cages over it carefully (the first cage attempt with chicken wire failed miserably as they keep trying to go round instead of square, wire mesh works much better). The stupis squrrel also tried to dig up one corner of an onion square and an onion bulb was exposed, had to cover it back up.

I’ve noticed stuff in the 12" bed seems to be growing better than stuff in the 6" beds for some reason, will have to monitor the rest of this season and contemplate maybe stacking another 6" frame on top of the curremt one or using the 6" beds for shallow rooted plants and just build ssome more 12" beds, I just hate the thought of filling them up.

I have some 7 foot wide deer netting. I’m contemplating removing my chicken wire fence and covering everything with dear netting instead to keep the critters out.

This entry is about

Day 3

113a Cucumber - Burpee Pickler

Cucumis sativus


Resown, stupid squirrel dug the square up.

Day 3

113b Cucumber - Straight Eight

Cucumis sativus


Resown, stupid squirrel dug the square up.


  • angelchrome

    angelchrome wrote:

    I have the rudest cheekiest squirrels known to man in my garden :(

    Posted on 29 Apr 10 (about 5 years ago)

  • hotwired

    hotwired wrote:

    Between the squirrels and rabbits, I’m surprised I have any garden at all. I think the squirrels jump over my fence and open the gate for the rabbits. My cats love the garden, so that controls the creatures during the day. Now to see if one of them will go on night shift.

    Posted on 29 Apr 10 (about 5 years ago)

  • outdoorlady79

    outdoorlady79 wrote:

    The chicken wire keeps the rabits out, it’s just the squirrels that suck. My duahgter started sunflowers in the house this spring then transplanted them to a pot. They dug up everyone of them and killed them. :-(

    Posted on 29 Apr 10 (about 5 years ago)

  • macchick

    macchick wrote:

    Get two squirrel hating Dachshunds like I have…that’ll keep them at bay! They whine at the door when they spy those pesky little creatures and chase them out of the yard! I live in the country so there is more for them to eat than my flowers.

    Posted on 29 Apr 10 (about 5 years ago)

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