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A very productive Easter Sunday

Wednesday, 07 Apr 10 Overcast 23°C / 73°F

So I took advantage of having my mother out here to keep Erika entertained and I attacked the overgrown garden and finished off my ‘paving’. Rod dug the trench for the water tank pipes so we are getting somewhere… Slowly, but we are getting somewhere.

I ripped out the √Ānthony Parker’ sage in the Fairy garden, it kind of took over and even though it was nice it was annoying me. So they are gone. And while I was there I cut back everything else and gave it a good sprinkle of blood and bone. Cleaned up the *Iris": section which is looking pretty dismal. The ground is terrible and they really need to be moved but I will leave them there one more year and after then I might have a better spot to put them.

Tied back the Plumbago": and it is looking a bit tidier again. Now I just need to get into the back fence garden a bit and work out who is going to stay and who is going to go. That needs extending a bit to the left, so when we get the soil for the spa garden I will do that. But for now I just cut back the ‘Hot Lips’ Salvia": to give the *winter Iris": under it a bit more light.

I paved the bit where the built in bbq was, and cleaned that up. Put back a bit of stone and used some bricks to re edge the side of the under the tree garden. I planted one of the Polemonium seedlings in there as they seem to like it. It all looks much better. And now I have a better spot to put all the pots. Eventually I would like to get rid of all the pots and have it all in the garden, but that has to wait till I have more garden beds ready.

Today I planted the rest of the *Iris chrysographs": (?) in the Fairy garden, along with the double Tiger Lilys I pulled out of the back door garden and the Geranium x mon… (need to go look for the proper spelling and do an entry on this one) which has been in a pot for years. I chucked in a good amount of sheep poo to get them moving along.

Thats about it I think…. I should really make note of what I have done on the night I do it or I forget…


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Under Attack

Under attack by me. I pulled them out. [[Archived]]

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Iris unguicularis

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Iris unguicularis 'Mary Barnard'

Iris unguicularis

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  • angelchrome

    angelchrome wrote:

    What is the tree with red flowers on the right in the 4th pic? Very cheerful photos!

    Posted on 07 Apr 10 (about 5 years ago)

  • after

    after wrote:

    That is a Callistemon. http://bucketfullofphotos.wordpress.com/2009/08/14/callistemon/ close up of the flowers. It’s a Native Australian tree/shrub. They are perfect for a reasonable sized – small backyard and flower like mad! The native birds love them and they spend all day sucking out the nectar. I think that one is C. viminalis, not 100 percent sure as it was here when we moved in. More good info of Callistemon here = http://www.anbg.gov.au/callistemon/index.html

    Posted on 07 Apr 10 (about 5 years ago)

  • angelchrome

    angelchrome wrote:

    How fabulous! Sadly I suspect it gets just a bit too cold here in winter for them to survive.

    Posted on 08 Apr 10 (about 5 years ago)

  • after

    after wrote:

    How cold? It can get pretty cold through winter here in Vic. But cold is all relative really isn’t it! We don’t get snow where we are, but it can get down to 2 or 3 degrees centigrade overnight sometimes. Not sure about America though. Here is a listing that gives a bit of info.


    You never know though, if you find it a nice protected spot. I mean, I grow Gloriosa Lilys here and they are from hotter, more tropical areas than Victoria. I just found the hottest, most protected spot and away it went.

    I think you guys grow a lot of Eucalypt species over there too don’t you?

    I was never really into natives, but that tree is really nice, it could do with a good prune, but I am glad I left it there, it’s a mass of red and looks fantastic!

    Posted on 08 Apr 10 (about 5 years ago)

  • angelchrome

    angelchrome wrote:

    As cold as -12C. I’ll definitely remember it if I end up in a place with more moderate winters, it’s just lovely.

    Posted on 08 Apr 10 (about 5 years ago)

  • after

    after wrote:

    hmm yeah maybe a bit too cold. But you never know! I’ll ask one of my old lecturers if you like, I know he was an expert on natives and would have an idea if there are any which would grow in your area

    Posted on 08 Apr 10 (about 5 years ago)

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