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Tuber Trimming, Day 1

Monday, 26 Oct 09 8°C / 46°F

I got through nineteen (of twenty-nine) bags of tubers today. Some of the divisions may not make it, but here’s what today’s work yielded:

1 – Colwood Crush (did not divide)
3 – Mascot Maya (West Bed)
1 – Spartacus (West Bed)
2 – Crossfield Ebony (West Bed, one from each of two plants)
1 – Karma Serena (did not divide)
1 – Vassio Meggos (root clump)
1 – Formby Kaitlyn (root clump)
1 – Figurine (interior is hollow, probably won’t survive)
2 – Cafe au Lait (clump #3, the one with nice color)
2 – Mascot Maya (East Bed)
7 – Sean C.
7 – Carl Chilson (East Bed)
4 – Mirafloras
5 – Carl Chilson (Rhubarb Farm)
3 – Mascot Maya (East Bed)
7 – Swan’s Olympic Flame (all iffy!)
3 – Worton Blue Streak
10 – Audrey Grace
4 – Skipley Stripe

I packed them in coarse vermiculite and put them in the garage. Tomorrow, I need to create an insulated box. I think I’ll also pick up a bale of wood shavings and try them out as an alternative to vermiculite.

Photos: 1) Sean C. tubers, 2) various trimmed tubers, 3) Mascot Maya – step-by step, 4) Identifying the mother tuber, 5) ‘Vassio Megoos’ root clump (oh my!)



  • rainymountain

    rainymountain wrote:

    Are these all dahlia tubers?

    Posted on 26 Oct 09 (over 5 years ago)

  • Satrina0

    Satrina0 wrote:

    Yes, all are dahlia tubers… the last picture is a root clump. Not sure what happened there, but I had two like that. Both plants had been started as cuttings and were planted in the same bed, but the other cutting-grown plants in another bed turned out fine. I can only speculate that they didn’t like something about that spot. I’m certain that both varieties are capable of producing tubers.

    Posted on 26 Oct 09 (over 5 years ago)

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