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Worms come to the surface!

28 Aug 2008
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It’s been quite a few weeks since purchasing the worm farm and today was the first day that they’ve come to the surface. Usually to check on them I’ve had to rummage around the compost in order to find them (brings me back to the good ol’ days when Dad took me to the tip, to dump things of course, and I would go scavenging in search for discarded junk that I could make use of. Sometimes we would come back with more than we took there :)

The worms are looking quite healthy – well above 10cm in length and quite plump. They’re very active in when I open the bin lid they’re slid back under the compost.

One concern I’m having is the possibility of anaerobic conditions – as worm numbers on the top could indicate that the conditions below are not ideal. Then again it could also mean that they could be hungry – strange how the same behaviour can mean two completely opposite reasons.

Something to watch for over the next few days





Folia Helper

United States10

Wow, a worm farm! That surely sounds adventurous Nath; seems like more work than your other garden. Trying to visualize this scenario on that lovely balcony… your own home grown fertilizer factory. Why is it us guys get most of the messy jobs and the girls get all the glory? Of course there are always exceptions; isn’t Glittertrash the unabashed queen of composting? Good luck with this endeavor. When Nic posts those sexy, compost fed strawberry photos in the future, I hope you get a nod :-)

Posted on 29 Aug 08 (over 6 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States5b

I thinka good litmus test is whether or not they’re lethargic. When I had my little die-off situation from lettuce overload, they came to the top in a gushing, lethargic way. The individual worms didn’t seem to be doing much moving. It was more like they were pushed by the masses underneath them. If you’ve ever been crushed at the front of a concert, it’s something like that: individuals didn’t move, they were moved by the masses.

The worms they sell for worm farms naturally migrate up, so it doesn’t tell you a whole lot about conditions underneath. When they come up to the top because they’ve eaten the stuff at the bottom and they’re healthy, they tend to be more active. Sometimes even spastic, what with all the coffee grounds I feed them. They dig down, jump around, wiggle back and forth, slither along the surface, etc.

Posted on 29 Aug 08 (over 6 years ago)


Folia Admin

United Kingdom

@mondomuse: To say that I’m excited about the worm farm is an understatement. Sure it’s rotting food, fungus and all that messy stuff – but I’ve always been given the jobs of taking out the garbage and cleaning up after pets which has just been preparation for this :)

@cmagnus – Thanks for the tips. They’ve been very active over the last few days and have been generally migrating around the top of the pile rather than up the walls of the bin. I’m guessing that they’re just hungry rather than trying to escape the composts conditions so I’ve got my kitchen tidy ready to tip in, which also has quite a few coffee grinds in it too. Being a household of programmers we never run out of caffeine :)

Posted on 31 Aug 08 (over 6 years ago)

@cmagnus, the image of your raving, caffeine-fueled worms is making me giggle. I need to feed my worms more coffee-grounds and see if I can teach them some dance moves.

Posted on 07 Sep 08 (over 6 years ago)


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Wow. Worms and coffee. They must need a wake-up snack before work. :)

Posted on 11 Sep 09 (over 5 years ago)

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