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Monday, 16 Jul 12 Sunny 32°C / 89°F

1. Poppy pods.
2. Hemerocallis ‘flaming sword’
3. Cosmos ‘purity’. I can’t stop taking images of this plant. It’s providing sooo many blooms!
4. Filependula. A gift from my friend Paula….2 tiny plants struggled along but this year it is robust and gave me 5 blooms.
5. Sweet pea ‘cupani’. Still not a satisfactory image but I was too tired to keep trying. I’ll try another day

I had to turn on the soaker hoses to water ALL brassicas, chard, zucchini, beans.
I had to water by hand, that is….lugged buckets/watering can (hose #2 doesn’t reach these:) to sunflowers in various locations….kohlrabi, turnips, rutabaga, beets, carrots, basil, pumpkin and a tomato in a container.
Used second hose to water some hostas, LARGE Container Garden and yet another tomato in a container.
I’m surprised how well the major tomato patch does without any watering. Yes, it is mulched with that breathable, allows-water-to-seep-in, black sheet mulch…. but still. I’ll have to stick my hand under there and down into the bed to see if it is indeed, still moist.
I staked sunflowers.
Did a bit of hand weeding. The strawberry plants are nicely weeded and I ‘located’ runners that have started. They’re very cooperative.
Found the top of another raspberry cane gone victim to Raspberry Cane Borer. Cut and burned it.
I think I’m going to have to start harvesting garlic tomorrow. I can’t believe how early it’s ready.


This entry is about

Day 197

Globe Thistle / Echinops 'ritro'

Echinops ritro

Day 562

Filependula 'Rubra'

Filipendula rubra

Day 350

Poppy, Breadseed (Papaver somniferum)

Papaver somniferum


Cosmos 'purity'

Cosmos bipinnatus


had to update this image.

Day 197

Sweet Cicily

Myrrhis odorata

Day 88

SWEET PEA 'Mam. Mx' & cupani

Lathyrus odoratus


this is ‘cupani’

Day 197

Veronica 'red fox'

Veronica spicata ssp. spicata

Day 197

Daylily#36 'flaming sword' (west-of-vegetable-garden)


Day 197

Hosta#75K 'krossa regal' big blue leaves (Kidney east near indent)


Day 197

Cimicifuga Black Cohosh

Cimicifuga racemosa


Container LARGE Shade garden

filled in nicely with impatiens, coleus, viola, cosmos, petunia, calendula etc.

Cucumber Beetle


on zucchini leaves


Verbascum thapsus


Johnny Jump Up

Viola tricolor


STILL blooming


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Jackson Town, Waldo County, Maine

United States

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