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End of June Catching Up

01 Jul 2012
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Oh look, it’s my first Folian anniversary. That went quickly!
Enjoy your “Wow! Thanks!” payment, Nic & Nath. You deserve it. ;)

Anyway, I took a hell of a lot of photos last week and never logged the milestones, so without further ado, I shall proceed to do that.

Ah! I just carefully added all the plants and photos for my milestones and realised that because I’m now a “new supporter” my features are turned off. I cannot be bothered to list everything again – there’s so much – so let’s just pretend “moved” (to the same place) means “growing”.

1: My cristate Cleistocactus winteri is growing hands!!
2: The Juncus effusus spiralis I grew from seed last year has fitted in very well to the Horniman grasses bed.
3: A nice view of Dioscorea opposita, Begonia ‘Tiger Paws’ and Phlebodium aureum.
4: Lilium that was sold to me as pink in the £shop, but clearly not. ;)
5: Amorphophallus konjac growing like mad!






Folia Helper

United Kingdom8a

A very nice collection of plants & flowers you have there, Trala!
Congratulations on reaching your first anniversary “milestone”! Have you got a new photo celebrating it? I passed that “milestone” back in April this year! I’m finding this site absorbs more & more of my time on the gardening forums. I am currently posting on 3 but this one takes up the lion’s share of my time online! If I had a supporter account I’d never have time to even read an email let alone post on 2 other gardening forums apart from a science one I also post on!!!

Posted on 03 Jul 12 (almost 3 years ago)

Awesome milestones and images.

Posted on 03 Jul 12 (almost 3 years ago)

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