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Saturday, 30 Jun 12 Sunny 29°C / 85°F

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Re-sowed bush beans,… ‘contender’ this time as I accepted neighbors gift of viable seeds.

I’ve grown the plant in image #1 for many years…..mistakenly calling it a buttercup because my grandfather name it that when he gave it to me. Eventually, I learned it’s a primrose…..an evening primrose, I thought. My long-time gardener neighbor, friend/sister informed me it was a morning primrose. Google gives me images for both and I promise to research more but can anyone clear this up for me? Totally in your debt.

Whenever I find a chunk of white quartz in my diggings, I add it to my Grotto Garden in an attempt to form a ‘waterfall’ (artistically speaking). I think it’s coming along very nicely.

Lobelia is blooming.

It’s always a good day when I can identify an un-named variety or mystery plant. My hemerocallis, cheddar cheese color bloom is ‘orange prelude’ and what I thought was gaillardia aristata ‘arizona sun’ is actually another ‘burgundy’. I can live with that and even prefer it. The clump in my House South Garden is blooming.

Just a short, lovely rain shower appeared this afternoon, just what I needed for my newly planted beans. Sometimes, a gardener does win the roll of the dice.

A bouquet: hemerocallis ‘prelude orange’ & ‘stella d’oro’, monkshood, baptista, perennial foxglove, gaillardia, bleeding heart, hosta and last peony bud of the season.


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Day 912

Gaillardia aristata WINTER KILL

Gaillardia x grandiflora

Day 47

Lobelia rosy KidExCont.

Lobelia erinus


GROTTO garden

The Grotto ‘waterfall’

Bouquets 2012


Bouquet for booth table of Temple of the Feminine Devine at gay pride day in Bangor; WWW sang.

Primrose Oenothera

Oenothera biennis


Container LARGE Shade garden

Three feet across it’s finally looking properly ‘filled out’ with viola(2), coleus, lobelia, impatiens, cosmos ‘bright lights’, petunia

Day 182

Rose pink, old fashioned



doing very poorly this year but it’s still alive

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