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Saturday, 30 Jun 12 Rainy 17°C / 63°F

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We are headed into our first long weekend since ‘Victoria Day’ – and yes, it was named after Queen Victoria – and the weather totally sucks.

Struggling to hit 20C and blanketed in heavy dark cloud, without the merest whisper of a breeze. And it keeps pouring with rain – stopping for 30 mins – then pouring again. It has been this way ALL month.

Struggled to repair some rain damage in between the downpours today. My poor delphinium was literally flattened, the nepeta all look pathetic, the roses (heavy with blooms) almost prostrate and so it went on.

Such weather really gets this gardener down. Some things are doing okay – but nothing is doing great. You know it’s crap when even the zucchini are just sitting there sulking.

All the same, Happy Canada Day to my fellow Folian compatriots!

Main Photo: Putting on her “Queen Vic” face.
Photos 1-4: Flowers are smashed but the edibles are holding up better. Broccoli, ‘Freckles’ Lettuce, Mixed Lettuces and Strawberry Bed (picked 7lbs so far from 12 plants) “guarded” by Borage.



  • rainymountain

    rainymountain wrote:

    Happy Canada Day to you, yep it’s raining here too.

    Posted on 01 Jul 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • Deanna

    Deanna wrote:

    Happy Canada Day! Nice photos!

    Posted on 01 Jul 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • sheepandwool

    sheepandwool wrote:

    Oh, if only I could swap weather with you! We are mid heat wave with no rain in sight. If I have to drag one more bucket of water to the allotment, I will scream! Of course, about a month ago, we had nothing but dreary, dark, cold, rainy days for a solid month. Sheesh.

    Posted on 01 Jul 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • Cherokee_Motley

    Cherokee_Motley wrote:

    Adobable Cat, does she help with Voles?

    Posted on 01 Jul 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • xan

    xan wrote:

    Whereas here at the Chicago lakefront we’ve had less than an inch of rain since mid May. It’s the first time I can ever remember emptying out my rainbarrels at this time of year, with no outlook for them refilling.

    Posted on 01 Jul 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • rosemarieGardener

    rosemarieGardener wrote:

    My condolences for the difficult weather…to you and others here on folia, experiencing the same.
    Kitty is beautiful.

    Posted on 02 Jul 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • laurieann

    laurieann wrote:

    love the kitty pic – very regal indeed. Your veg looks great. This weather is putting a damper on a lot of things – except the watering chores.

    Posted on 02 Jul 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • redloon

    redloon wrote:

    Lovely kitty, and beautiful vegies! Hopefully the rainfall pattern will get into a better balance for all of us soon…

    Posted on 04 Jul 12 (almost 3 years ago)

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