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Over the past couple of days I have been guerrilla gardening around my apartment complex. I’ve been pushing nasturtium seeds in to random bare patches in the landscaping, as well as tossing some Persian Carpet zinnia seeds in to various places.

Down below my patio, in a bare patch of sunny dirt, I transplanted a few sunflower seedlings that I thinned from my container on my patio. I did this about a month ago, and they’re doing great. I made sure to place them next to a drop line for the irrigation system. The drip line was originally under a bush, but the bush died last year and was removed, so there was a patch of dirt getting watered for no reason. I also pushed in a few nasturtium seeds, and zinnia seeds there as well.

Will update when things start sprouting!


  • Cherokee_Motley

    Cherokee_Motley wrote:

    Good for you… Just like Johnny Appleseed but with nasturtium. . I have always been afraid to just sow seeds not sure how they would turn out but I have twice now planted planted black eye Susan at a local park just before dark and a forecasted rainstorm. Two years later they have self sowed and have comeback.

    I will never understand why park systems don’t plant more native flowers. It is always just grass and mulch for the trees.

    This year I am planning on planting parsley seedlings for the monarch caterpillars at this same park.

    Posted on 30 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • Heath

    Heath wrote:

    That is excellent! The world needs more colors and definitely some better smells. I have done the same with borage, marigolds, and sunflowers. I like the dwarf sunflowers, they only grow to about 1.5ft but have some pretty flowers. They will also attract butterflies and other pollinators, plus they will self-seed for the following years. Bet the birds and squirrels in your apartment complex will be following you around too!

    Posted on 30 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • goddessjoy

    goddessjoy wrote:

    In our area there’s been a big move to stop overlandscaping in the parks, and to put in more natives, it’s slow moving, but it is happening. I’m heading to my favorite garden center on Monday to grab some native seeds to start plugging in here and there around the area. We have a lot of paved walking trails that border seasonal streams and creeks. I’m thinking those might be good places to start seeding. We get Monarchs that overwinter not far from us, so they pass through here on their migrations, which is why I’m including some of their favorite natives in my next spree.

    My neighborhood birds and squirrels are already keen to my ways, Heath. ;) I put seed out for them every day, and am lucky enough to be visited by some really wonderful birds on a regular basis. I volunteer at a local wildlife rescue/rehab center that specializes in our local native wildlife, especially birds…from songbirds to birds of prey. Our director has been most helpful in directing me in my birdseed purchasing, to attract some unusual birds to my patio, without attracting too many squirrels in the mean time.

    Once my California native sages outgrow my patio, I’ll be taking them out to plant in my ’hood as well!

    Posted on 01 Jul 12 (almost 3 years ago)

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