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Asiatic Lily and New Hostas

Friday, 29 Jun 12 Storms 29°C / 84°F

Unknown variety but very pretty usually. This bloom shows water (rain) damage, I think. This is one of the few lilies that doesn’t succumb to disease. Given to me by neighbor Hazel who will have another for me next Spring.

Had to go into Bangor the other day so, while DH picked up cat food, I went to Sprague’s Nursery and bought two hostas….‘frances williams’ and ‘stained glass’…two varieties I thought I didn’t have.

But, when I got home I read a description for ‘stained glass’. I’m beginning to think that one of the hostas I bought from Walmart or another big box store and which I identified as ‘rainforest sunrise’ (actually a smaller, shorter, more crinkly hosta) might really be ‘stained glass’ (a taller hosta, bigger leaves than rainforest and leaves less ‘quilted’ looking). Oh well, I’ll have to try not to be disappointed; one more ‘stained glass’ won’t kill me. Next year, I’ll more definitively be able to determine because their true size will be more apparent.

The ‘frances williams’ is definitely new for me. The specimen I bought is not the most healthy as the image so blatantly shows but I’ve brought home worse looking hostas and they come back fine and dandy the following Spring.

I will plant these two in a temporary location until next Spring. No more major additions to the perennial ornamental gardens for this season, so long as I have a temporary place for them.


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Day 180

Hosta#75M 'stained glass'


Day 180

Hosta#75T 'frances williams'

Hosta sieboldiana


Lily asiatic 'red'

Lilium asiaticum



  • Matriarchy

    Matriarchy wrote:

    I like to buy clearance plants from Lowe’s – they often deeply discount them just because they finished blooming or are a little beat up. But, just like you said, they usually come back just fine the next year. Makes me feel so thrifty to get a big perennial for a dollar. Last year, I got a red lily very much like yours – it was beautiful this year.

    Posted on 30 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

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