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Friday, 29 Jun 12 Rainy 20°C / 68°F

Our Winter and Summer organic veggies come from Wild Flight Farm, near Mara Lake where there has been some very bad flooding. The Shuswap river which runs at the edge of the farm has been rising steadily, so as well as having to pick veggies in almost constant rain and mud, Herman and his staff have had to sandbag along the river edge where the river is spreading onto their fields. When that was only partially successful they dug a trench and pumped water from the fields into it. They have lost some of their crops. I wonder how many other farmers are finding their fields under water as the rain goes on, the melt continues, rivers rise and overflow.

Like the mountains, my garden seems to change shape. At the moment it seems smaller, and stuffed with flowers and greenery. It isn’t that stuffed when you look at it more closely but the general effect is of abundance. When I come in through the gate Rose Henry Kelsey which has suddenly grown very tall is on my left by the gate latch and in front of me are the bearded irises which seem more rich and luxorious in colour, and in the number of flowers, than usual. At the moment the iris are almost the only blooms in that bed but it doesn’t need anything else.

Porch is rich with Allium moly, Albanian pinks and Geranium Cambridge. Thrift Dusseldorf Pride which has larger flowers in a more intense pink is almost finished. Clematis Polish Spirit has two sprigs waving about a foot above the top of its quadrapod, I’ll have to reach out from the porch with a broom and see if I can tweek them into a more secure position. I’m not sure where the rather spindly Niobe is, I’ll have to go and root around among the Bell flowers.

The first photo is someone else’s unmown ‘lawn’. There was an equally beautiful lot that I wanted to photo because it had orange poppies which seem to grow semi-wild around this part of town, but it had been mown. The orange poppies are a little like Welsh poppies.


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Iris germanica

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Bearded iris maroon

Iris germanica

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2. Porch garden


  • Tralamander

    Tralamander wrote:

    It looks spectacular. I hope to have a garden like this one day. :)

    Posted on 30 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

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