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The Peony

Tuesday, 26 Jun 12 Overcast 18°C / 64°F

Last evening after reading the weather forecast I nipped out and cut a peony flower. It has been sitting on my desk next to the computer where I can periodically bury my nose in its delicious fragrance and contemplate it. It is a true rich pink with a lower almost double ring of big, almost flat, slightly satiny petals, above these is a triple ring of pale pink, very narrow, short petals which support the center. The centre is a thick cluster of petals in the same rich pink as the lowest ones, they are not as broad as the lowest ones and not quite so long but they are fluted and densely packed hiding the stamens and pistols in the very centre.

Katherine Swift in one of her Morville books says that she needed to describe in words plants for a catalogue. I am sure that there are a whole lot of technical terms which could be used and of course measurements would help, even so pictures are invaluable. However we are used to glancing at pictures and words take time to read and ensure an organising of ideas to write. But words cannot encompass the beauty of a peony flower.

Photos: the peony; the Columbia River, looking north, almost as high as I have ever seen it; no sandbanks showing and the two permanent islands are drowning.


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Day 3009

Haliana honeysuckle

Lonicera japonica

Day 2004

Salvia 'Blue Hill'

Salvia nemorosa


this is a much paler one than the Blue Hills in Shade, perhaps they are not the same variety.


  • Matriarchy

    Matriarchy wrote:

    I am looking for a Honeysuckle. A woman in my neighborhood has one growing in a dense circle around her front yard lampost and it looks great most of the year. Are they all “vigorous to invasive” or are some better/worse?

    Posted on 27 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • Matriarchy

    Matriarchy wrote:

    Beautiful, beautiful peony, incidentally.

    Posted on 27 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • rainymountain

    rainymountain wrote:

    I think it depends on where you live/what zone you live in whether Honeysuckles are invasive or not. I read that the Haliana was invasive so I planted it in a difficult position (also it was where I wanted a honeysuckle) and the poor thing struggled. It has taken 9 years to get to its current size so I would say it is not invasive or even very vigorous here. But my conditions are probably very different from yours.

    Posted on 27 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

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