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Hail & Rain Damage, Garden Progress

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(Backdated to Sunday to make the transplant dates work. Written on Monday June 11, 2012).

On Friday there was more rain and another batch of hail. The gardens are really suffering. Spinach which looked great a week ago is yellowed and bolting, the tomatoes are yellowed (and it rained before I could get them all staked, so I am crossing my fingers and hoping that my emergency staking and pruning will protect them from blight), beans and seedlings are torn up, and the soil was super wet until today.

Given that I have maybe 100 more frost free days (with some emergency row cover application if necessary) I felt I had no choice this weekend but to work the wet soil. On Saturday I managed to get the tiller to work: after clearing long weeds I tilled the beds which held beans/peas in 2011. I also tilled over the area that I had dug by hand and the space which I had previously tilled after a heavy rainfall.

On Sunday I hilled the soil up to make beds for corn, squash and greens (in the spot where the beans/peas were last year.) I also hilled up 50’ long raised beds in the dug & tilled area. Then I transplanted the peppers and eggplants. At the end of the eggplant row I planted the ‘Kakai Hulless’ pumpkins.

Today (Monday) I got up at 5:30 and worked in the garden until about 10:30. By which time it was 27 with a humidex of 33. I planted pickling cucumbers, three kinds of watermelon, corn, and winter squash. We’re supposed to get 5mm of rain tomorrow which I hope will be just enough to water the transplants and the seeds, but not so much as to flood the garden.


  1. Overview of the garden as of Saturday evening.
  2. Hail on Friday afternoon
  3. Sad spinach
  4. Chicken running
  5. Chicken listening


This entry is about

Day 82

Chickens - Barred Plymouth Rock

Gallus gallus domesticus

Day 467

Columbine, Mauve (Wintersown)


Day 75

Pepper, Hot 'Crimson Hot'

Capsicum annuum longum group

Day 75

Pepper, Hot 'Jalapeno Raam'

Capsicum annuum longum group

Day 75

Pepper, Hot 'Early Jalapeno'

Capsicum annuum longum group

Day 75

Pepper, Hot 'Boldog Hungarian'

Capsicum annuum longum group

Day 75

Pepper 'King of the North'

Capsicum annuum var. annuum (Grossum Group)

Day 75

Pepper 'Purple Beauty'

Capsicum annuum var. annuum (Grossum Group)

Day 75

Pepper 'Carmen'

Capsicum annuum var. annuum (Grossum Group)

Day 61

Eggplant 'Black Enorma'

Solanum melongena

Day 61

Eggplant 'Epic'

Solanum melongena

Day 75

Eggplant 'Black Beauty'

Solanum melongena

Day 75

Eggplant 'Rosa Bianca'

Solanum melongena

Day 75

Pepper 'Jumbo Stuff'

Capsicum annuum var. annuum (Grossum Group)

Day 441

Poppy 'Shirley Double' (Wintersown)

Papaver rhoeas

Day 63

Kale - 2012

Brassica oleracea (Acephala Group)

Under Attack

Looking sad from all the rain

Day 24

Bean, Bush 'Royal Burgundy' (2012)

Phaseolus vulgaris

Under Attack

Hail damage

Day 65

Spinach 'Bloomsdale Long Standing'

Spinacia oleracea

Day 89

Tomato 'Manitoba'

Solanum lycopersicum


  • blurdom

    blurdom wrote:

    Cripes! I hate hail…it’s one of my biggest garden nightmares. Blight’s the other.
    Sounds like you’re shepherding your flocks well, though…there’s only so much we can do when nature starts throwing icy rocks at our plants.

    Which reminds me, I haven’t staked my tomatoes either, and need to get on that right away!

    Posted on 12 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • glgardener

    glgardener wrote:

    you have really been getting a lot of rain and not so great weather. I hope all straightens out soon and you can relax a bit as far as the weather and plants go. Those chickens are looking good. :-)

    Posted on 12 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • HazelJ

    HazelJ wrote:

    @blurdom thanks, “there’s only so much we can do when nature starts throwing icy rocks at our plants” gave me a good chuckle – especially since I actually started trying to tell the hail to stop in the most recent attack; good thing my neighbours are not close by enough to hear me!

    @glgardener yes, lots of rain. Last year we had lots of rain until about the first week of June and then basically no rain until late July, I’m not sure which is worst. It’s raining again today, though it at least seems fairly slow & steady. I was looking at my garden map and I’m nearly back on track time-wise, so I’m hopeful that in a few weeks I will be able to get into a pretty good harvest, weed, water, pattern.

    Posted on 12 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • rosemarieGardener

    rosemarieGardener wrote:

    Oh my….sounds like more than your fair share of roadblocks. The garden does look beautiful in that image. I hope things get better.

    Posted on 12 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

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