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Drawing Again! (Sunday)

Sunday, 10 Jun 12 Cloudy 16°C / 61°F

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I was seriously concerned I’d never be creative on paper again, but ah, it just happened automatically today. Drawing and painting are wonderful hobbies which I have forgotten. It was such a pleasure to sketch, outline and colour in (this is why I do not take myself seriously) a weird fantasy piece, and get myself back into the practice of concentration. :)

I also spent some time in the greenhouse…

1: Leto playing. <3
2: Tradescantia bloom. sarcastic excitement
3: Pachyphytum compactum f. cristata cuttings, one of which I need to pot up nicely as a leaving present before Thursday.
4: Opuntia phaecantha turning into Mickey Mouse.
5: Yay! Today I coloured in a mermaid! …however I found out more about the lionfish (Pterois antennata) in the process, as well as waking up to how fun my pens are. I must stop reductio ad absurdum-ing everything I do. ;)


This entry is about

Day 241

Opuntia phaeacantha

Opuntia phaeacantha

Day 198

Tradescantia pallida

Tradescantia pallida

Day 176

Pachyphytum compactum f. Cristata

Pachyphytum compactum

Day 250

Pachyphytum compactum f. Cristata

Pachyphytum compactum

Day 127

Castanea sativa

Castanea sativa

Day 249

Aloe aristata

Aloe aristata

Day 70

Pelargonium x cucullatum

Pelargonium cucullatum



  • seeingreen

    seeingreen wrote:

    Delightful lion fish mermaid, love her.

    Posted on 10 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

  • rosemarieGardener

    rosemarieGardener wrote:

    Congratulations on finding your Muse, again. Nice images, pretty blooms, great artwork.

    Posted on 11 Jun 12 (almost 3 years ago)

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