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Managed to get the horticultural grit out of the car, its been travelling with me for days! So, so heavy I wish they would do things in smaller bags, had to empty half out into a bag and make a couple of trips up to the greenhouse. Absolutely shattering job, I hope the grit is worth it!! Attempting using grit for the first time after watching Monty Don and Carol Klein and it seems to work for them.

Jobs done

  • Tidied the greenhouse again!, trying to make space for new sowings and plantings.
  • Planted out the cosmos, nicotiana and moved the revived verbena out to the messy patch
  • Tidied the messy patch a bit (not so anyone would notice, it lives up to its name)
  • Moved pots and trays onto the storage stand
  • Planted a courgette in the bucket outside the greenhouse
  • Cleared the area infront of the greenhouse, so its not lethal to walk past
  • Potted up my ‘Sweet and neat’ tomato into a bucket, as I’ve decided to keep it inside the greenhouse and not risk the chances of blight.
  • Sowed spinach, beetroot, carrots and pak choi into modules and trays- hopefully this will be more successful than my direct sowing disasters.
  • Pricked out my radish
    *Sowed foxgloves and honesty for next year ( how organised am I!)
  • Direct sowing of salad leaves and rocket in the raised beds.

After all this retired to the patio for more wine in the sun :)

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Day 40

Tomato 'Sweet and Neat'


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