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Record of april 30-May 11, 2012 Work in Mexico Jardin

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I. In older area, clean up and cutting back of lavenders. Added one small lavender to fillmout the lavender bed in front of the house.

II. Completed the main beds in the new large garden area
A. Added small lime tree in front bed near the driveway with strawberries for the gro und cover
B. Moved last of the poppies ledt in the main bed to the smaller bed with the other to surround the andean chili.
C. Added 2 bougainvillas to back of the main bed to complete the set of three there. They will be the visual focus of the whole garden.
D. Put 3 bright pink ice plant types to the right of the bougainbillas for low color.
E. Added a basil for Rollin.
F. Added 9 bright saturated red-purple dianthus.

III. Put a small Margarita Silvestre (blue blooms) with each of the pomegranates to try them for color and ground cover along with various herbs already there.

IV. Lots of clean up: removing nasturtium volunteers, a mint type brought in by birds or with another plant, grassgrassgrass.

V. Added more chips as mulch. Everything is bone dry here at the end of dry season. The rainy eason starts around May 15. Then the mulch can help to create more humus in the soil.

VI. Sprayed citrus 3 times with neem oil to help with breaking the cycle of flies/larva curling some of the new growth.

VII. Put out Sluggo primarily as source of iron for plants with yellowing leaves but also for the many snails encouraged by the mulch. Need to bring more in June.

VIII. The first of the pomegranates has 3 braches with fruit…about 8 pomes in total.

IX. Next trip: add to the lavender bed near the fence, remove grass to expand more of the beds for ground cover growth. Try some organic liquid fert with the neem. Begin pattern of maintenance… clean up and adding new plants when older ones falter.

X. Popo fumed the entire time we were here. Lots of fine ash that’s probably better for plants than people. Not as obvious tomthe eye or gritty to the teeth as pollen in Pollen Season in Atlanta.

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