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Happy spring

Monday, 26 Mar 12 Rainy 16°C / 61°F

ahhhh spring …..a busy busy busy time around here ……Charlies refrigeration buisness picks up and the weekends are spent at the farm upstate as the growing season is getting underway ……There is a new government program for farmers in the north east willing to use season extenders in the way of high tunnels and cold frames to find out if it is indeed possible to grow vegetables all year long ……we have applied for this program should we be approved I will definitely be leaving my full time job at the parts store ……..See for those who don’t know me …..I work a regular blue collar full time job , I do the office work for the refrigeration and antique businesses that we own …..I help out weekends at Charlies family’s farm a large dairy goat and organic vegetable farm …….My hobbies are gardening and herbal healing ……I am busy all the time but I know no other way …..I am in my free time turning our 2 1/2 acre plot into a homestead with herb gardens , orchards , berry patches, veggie gardens and the latest edition Chickens …..Its only a matter of time before I cart a cow home …..No ….seriously we are in the process of purchasing a 17 acre farm that needs a ton of work but hey I like a challenge ……even if that sale goes through it will be at least 2 years before we move onto it so for now the plot we are on will have to do ……So one day recently I passed the point of no return ….It just happends one day …..I have been growing gardens my whole life but the past few years took to trying to have control over my food supply ……my mother always " Put Up " our garden …….I always thought it was a lost art and admired her for it ……I do it every year now ……my garden keeps getting bigger ( food not lawns I say ) besides you dont have as much to mow LOL …….we added cold frames and green houses and grow rooms and we are on our way to year round food production ……The chicks are here now for eggs , bug control and wonderful compost …..we have them on the farm and once you get used to a fresh egg you can’t understand why you ate anything else besides I get another chance to walk away from the sad cruelty of factory farms …..where genetically modified chickens live out a hell on earth with amputated beaks and cramped disease ridden quarters ……I used to be a vegetarian ……felt my voice was enough to make a difference …..now I call myself a farmer …..My chickens will live a full chicken life ……Not like the poor broilers that are genetically modified bred to live only 7 weeks growing so fast their legs often break under their weight or their hearts give out from the stress ……truth is farmers LOVE animals ……especially small organic types ……They raise their animals kindly , tenderly and stress free …..they enjoy a great life ….then when the time comes to harvest the animal it is thanked and blessed and it is done quickly , humanely , and while that animal bleeds out the farmer cries the one that loves his animals always does …..a few years ago a friend farmer raised some black angus …..they were beautiful …..pasture raised………clean …..Happy and you can ask how did I know this ….well you could just tell : ) …..so anyway when the one we bought was put into the freezer …….well it feed 4 of us ( Charlies parents got half ) for an entire year ….every part was used …..we never tasted better meat in our lives and I thanked that cow all year long …..we began to cook from scratch …..whole foods only …..even milling our own flour from wheat berries this year I plan on growing buckwheat , Hopi blue corn and amaranth in the garden for grain use ……I will be growing beans not just to eat fresh and can but the kind you save dried for winter soups and chili …….we are growing cheese pumpkins for pies like we do every year ……there is just something so satisfying about thanksgiving when you grew absolutely everything ( at the farm they do ) ….so yes I have definitely reached the point of no return …..Its extra work ….its hard work but it is WORTH it : ) ….Happy Spring !!!!!


  • Mamabluestem

    Mamabluestem wrote:

    Happy Spring to you too!

    Posted on 01 Apr 12 (almost 3 years ago)

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