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Friday, 23 Mar 12 Overcast 21°C / 70°F

A really great week as far as weather goes, especially for the middle of March. Nice to get out in the yard and get some things done, but have to say that it actually got too hot at times, at least for me. I am looking forward to next week as the temps are predicted to be more seasonable. I did manage to get one rose pruned and one butterfly bush cut down. I stuck about three of the branches from the butterfly bush and one from the hydrangea, into a pot of soil to see if they will root. I also planted out a couple of white foxgloves that I WS last year and let sit in the pots all summer. I hope they bloom this year now that they are settled in their permanent home. Other jobs as far as general garden cleanup got done, but I also took lots of time to just sit and enjoy. I have taken some pics of the last few days, but haven’t even downloaded them yet.
On the 21 I finished planting all the tomato seeds that I am going to grow this year and this morning I finished potting up the last of the peppers that I had sprouted in moist coffee filters. I think I need another light fixture. :)
Wondering about the WS containers! Great success in a few of them, but the majority of them have not sprouted. With the weather being so warm, a lot more should be sprouting. The gaillardia ‘Arizona sun’ did great with all twelve of the seeds that I planted, coming up. They are going to make a really pretty edging to the garden.


  • HazelJ

    HazelJ wrote:

    I only have a couple of WS containers with sprouts in them. Some of mine took a while to germinate last year so I’m not too worried – the plants are probably waiting to see if the temperatures hold.

    Posted on 23 Mar 12 (about 3 years ago)

  • nickyn

    nickyn wrote:

    Me too – this is my first wintersowing year & of the 20 containers only 1 is sprouting! Ah well – being a beginner I have about 500 penstemon plants to find a home for with just that 1 container! (:

    We’ll have to do a Southern Ontario garden tour later in the summer!

    Posted on 23 Mar 12 (about 3 years ago)

  • HazelJ

    HazelJ wrote:

    I think it’s too early for WS containers to sprout. I just checked my journal from last year and even on April 26th I only had sprouts in 11/33 plantings. So, even if you figure that we may be a few weeks ahead, I wouldn’t count your containers out until mid-May.

    Posted on 23 Mar 12 (about 3 years ago)

  • glgardener

    glgardener wrote:

    I won’t give up on them yet. Temps are going to dip again so they will get another cool spell and the ones that are sprouted will slow down for now. Noticed this afternoon that one of the lupines is starting to get its’ true leaves. :)

    Posted on 24 Mar 12 (about 3 years ago)

  • LouiseM

    LouiseM wrote:

    I’m afraid you’ll get no sympathy from me, here in the shivery PNW, about your recent temperatures! Still glad you were able to make the most of it though. :)

    Posted on 25 Mar 12 (about 3 years ago)

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