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Cats! Rats!

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We have poop. All over our front yard mulch pile and side yard where the Winter Solstice Garden and compost pile are. My husband is livid because he’s gotten it on his boots three times. The cats are not ours (I’m allergic) but belong to the neighbor across the street. I’m not sure if they spend any time inside and are constantly in our yard harassing birds and apparently, pooping. I read last night (I think it was Gayla Trail’s book Grow Great Grub) that they don’t like citrus peels, so my plan is to start spreading the peels around the yard. Not sure this is actually going to work. I’ve also have a decent sized pile of Sweetgum balls that I can pile up in certain areas to see if I can keep them from pooping near the vegetable plants.

There is a rat or large mouse living in our garage. We have cleaned it out and closed up possible gaps but he (they?) are still there. He’s been eating the corn gluten that I was going to use as an organic pre-emergent herbicide. My husband made a homemade humane trap using a plastic container and some peanut butter. I know he’s dissapointed that it was empty this morning. We may need to actually purchase some sort of trap to get it out. I don’t want more rat poop near my gardening supplies. Ugh.

I’m also doing some general clean up in the veggie beds. The landscape fabric we used on our gravel paths was basically useless so I’ve been pulling up Bermuda grass everywhere.


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  • HazelJ

    HazelJ wrote:

    That’s gross about the cats. I love cats and have two indoor cats, but I am not in favour of folks having outdoor cats in urban areas. People don’t let their dogs go in their neighbours back yards and poop, so why they think its acceptable for cats is beyond me. If you are certain about the culprits I would consider either going over and asking them to come and clean up their pet’s mess or dropping the mess off with them. If they want to be good neighbours they could keep their cats indoors and take them out on a harness, or at the very least, come and clean up after them.

    Posted on 10 Mar 12 (about 3 years ago)

  • flowerweaver

    flowerweaver wrote:

    Yuck! Sorry you are dealing with that. If you can cut off the supply of ‘food’ your rats will go away. You might get a metal can in which to store your gluten. That’s what we do with our chicken feed. It’s an uphill battle as fast as rats breed. I wonder if the cats are helping in the control of them? Obviously, your garden is of much more interest than their own!

    Posted on 11 Mar 12 (about 3 years ago)

  • lontra

    lontra wrote:

    I found out last night, that it’s possible that there are opossums in the yard. A neighbor a few doors down mentioned she saw a huge one. She was surprised that cats would leave poop uncovered to be stepped on. That being said, if the cats are only covering it a little big, than it could easily be “discovered” by a person just walking over it.

    @HazelJ That’s a good point about the dog vs. cat poop. I suspect the neighbor with the cats has no clue or doesn’t care about what the cats are doing. She’s one of the only neighbors who has made it a point of not interacting with any of her neighbors which is odd because most of us in this neighborhood know each other and are friendly. This morning she was spraying her weeds with something toxic (I’m assuming it was because she had rubber gloves on). This distresses me as well.

    @ Flowerweaver I think I need to go in there and really clean out anything remotely edible. I think the rats are hiding from the cats ;)

    Posted on 11 Mar 12 (about 3 years ago)

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