Seed Swaps

Chilli Scores on the Doors (One Month In)

28 Jan 2012
Overcast 6°C / 43°F


71% germination overall. Some have done much better than others, though

Orange habs 75% germination (Day 21)
Wenks Yellow 75% (Day 10)
Sante Fe 75% (Day 10)
Purple Serrano 75% (Day 10)
Mulato Isleno 100% (Day 10)
Poblano 75% (Day 10)
White Habanero 3/4 eventually (boy are they puny looking seedlings, though)
Rocotillo 3/4
Exploding Fire 3/4 by Day 11. 1 lost to “emergency seed-case surgery”
Pimiento de Padron: 100% germination (Day 7)
Hot Cherry: 100% germination (Day 7)

Not done well:

Criolla Sella 1/4 (original sowing, 2nd batch put in on 8th Jan, and still no joy)
Jamaican Yellow Hot (OP, saved seed from my "Not Scotch Bonnet Yellow) 0/4 at Day 15
Fatalii 0/4 at Day 15
Burkina Yellow (definitely planted, this time) 0/4 at Day 20

Too soon to tell:

Madre de Vieja: 0% (Day 10) A Bacaatum, so likely to take longer



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