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Notes on English pea types winter 2012

Saturday, 14 Jan 12 Sunny 10°C / 50°F

1. Premium : Extra-early. 51 days. 2 1/2-3" pods with avg. 7-8 very sweet, medium-sized peas per pod. 30" vines may be grown with or without support. Earlier than Dakota, which it replaces.

DO NOT USE AGAIN: poor germination, poor productivity

2. Caselode: 57 days. Superior flavor. Excellent, sweet taste and slow to turn starchy, allowing for a longer than average harvest period. The pods average 2 1/2-3" and contain 6-7 medium-sized peas. The 2 1/2’ vines can be grown with or without support. The pods are smaller than Knight and Maestro, which it replaced, but the eating quality is much improved.

Seems like a good one to use again next spring…. excellent germination, lots of peas.

3. Strike: 49 days!! Our earliest shell pea. Pods avg. 2 3/4" long with 7, medium-sized, sweet peas. Vines are dark green, avg. 24" long, and can be grown with or without support. Pythium resistance is an added bonus to growers planting in cold, wet soils.

DO NOT USE AGAIN: poor germination, poor productivity

Note: strike and premier had much lower germination rates than caselode

4. Sugar Sprint: 58 days. Doesn’t need stringing! After several years of searching, we have finally found an almost stringless snap pea with excellent eating quality. Flavor as good as Sugar Ann. Diminished strings do not require removal before eating. 3" pods grow on 2’ vines that do not need support. Packet: 250 seeds. PM

Bed 1: only asparagus

Bed 2. Small row of super sugar snaps on west end with trellis

Bed 3: Divided between strikes (on east end) and premiers (on west end): even with re-planting had very poor germination for both of these.

Bed 4. Small bed of strikes (on east end); bed of caselodes; row of super sugar snaps on trellis Strikes had very poor germination for both of these.

Bed 5: Sugar snap strikes opposite strawberries (on south side)

Bed 6: full of greens and so no peas added

Bed 7: Space on east end for additional peas: maybe try more caselodes

5. Super Sugarsnap: Powdery mildew resistant. An earlier, somewhat shorter-vined version of Sugar Snap with the important addition of resistance to powdery mildew. The vines avg. 5 ft. or more and need trellising. Early yields are heavier than Sugar Snap but the harvest period is shorter. The pods avg. 3" and the flavor is good but not quite as sweet as Sugar Snap.

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