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Vine Taming

Thursday, 12 Jan 12 Overcast 6°C / 43°F

It took two of us 4 hours to make sense of, prune and organise numerous interwoven vines in 3 different areas.

Also decided to let go of some ceanothus lollipop trees that were a shadow of their former selves, effectively nothing more than a prop for the vines to sit on

Now I just need to:
Remove ceanothus trees
Clear away the debris
Get the fence damage fixed
Restring the wiring
Complete tying in the vines
Replace gate

Frenchdoors Garden
1 x Clematis ‘Montana’
1 x Jasmine ‘Fiona Sunrise’
1 x Jasmine variegated

Side Fence
1 x Climbing hydrangea
1 x Honeysuckle
2 x Winter Jasmine
1 x jasmine ‘Fiona Sunrise’

1 x Grapevine

Photo 1: french door area, Cleared area on left, debris on right (birds eye view)
Photo 2: French door area, Fence damage (birds eye view)
Photo 3: Side fence, tops of ceanothus’ chopped ready for removal


This entry is about

Grape Vine

Vitis vinifera


Wire needs to be restrung then grape vine can be tied in properly. Untangled and pruned for shape, fruit and better fence coverage c

Day 4395

Jasmine Fiona Sunrise

Jasminum officinale


Didn’t need much attention



Lots of new growth and buds evident, untangled and pruned and organised a better shape

Jasmine - winter

Jasminum nudiflorum


Untangled and reorganised. Lots of new growth evident but on very long wood stems

Jasminum officinale affine 'Argentovariegatum'

Jasminum officinale


Took out crossing over and untidy stems, Untangle from trellis and other vines

Jasminum officinale Fiona Sunrise

Jasminum officinale


Main trunk positioned right in front of Fence post that needs repairs. Thinned out as much as possible, may need to be dug out prior to repa

Clematis montana Ruben's


Took out a few woody stems, try to promote lower growth, removed growth thru trellis


  • Tralamander

    Tralamander wrote:

    But no Wisteria? D:

    Posted on 14 Jan 12 (over 3 years ago)

  • carms

    carms wrote:

    Nope, the Wisteria hasn’t had the chance to become unruly yet, but give it time. Haha

    Posted on 14 Jan 12 (over 3 years ago)

  • anelson

    anelson wrote:

    You have lots of vines, including some notoriously vigorous ones. I’m impressed that you are getting them under control. Good Work!

    I spend so much time fighting the evil invasive weedy vines English Ivy, Clematis Vitalba, Morning Glory and Himalayan Blackberry, that I’ve been very cautious about planting ornamental vines.

    Posted on 14 Jan 12 (over 3 years ago)

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