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10 Dec 2011
Sunny 6°C / 42°F

Everything is harvested and/or dormant. My garden is covered in a nice layer of straw. I’m thinking of ditching the raised beds next year, at least until I rototill everything. I started out two seasons ago with some of the sandiest, useless soil ever. I’m proud to say that I’ve whipped it into shape and there’s now a nice batch of compost waiting and ready for the Spring.


Congratulations on your soil improvement. I know just how you feel. It does make you proud, doesn’t it? Knowing that you turned sand into a garden.

Posted on 10 Dec 11 (over 3 years ago)

Yes it does. :)

Posted on 10 Dec 11 (over 3 years ago)


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United Kingdom8b

Nice job on the transformation, and on putting everything to bed. :) That photograph is lovely too, it really captures how the first frosts catch and wither fragile things when they have not quite reached dormancy.

Posted on 10 Dec 11 (over 3 years ago)

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