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Another season drawing to an end!

Thursday, 06 Oct 11 Windy 17°C / 63°F

Another season on the allotment is drawing to an end! According to Folia’s forecast there are only 2 weeks left till the first frosts of the autumn here. The forecast maybe right as, after a few days of extreme heat – 29-30 degrees C – at the end of September/beginning of October, the temps have now started coming down & we are now in the average temp for the time of the year we are in according to the weather presenter on TV this morning.

We have had strong winds for the last couple of days & today they have become much stronger, they even managed to knock over a big Conifer in a big pot on my balcony at home! When I go down to the allotment tomorrow I expect to find many of our Sunflowers have been blown over. When I was down there yesterday many were already leaning over!

My wife & I spent the last 10 days of September in her hometown in Spain. So when I got back to the allotments after 2 weeks away I found everything terribly overgrown with weeds! I have made a start in clearing a few beds of weeds but most of them have to be weeded by hand as the crops they contain are too big & close together to use a hoe without the danger of cutting down the good with the bad!

I started harvesting the ripe & ripening fruits from the tomato plants. I have just one plant in the GH but many more growing in a bed outside. The ones in the GH have ended up being quite nice fruits but the ones outside have turned out very bad & I shan’t be growing this variety, Mallorquin, again. This has been the only variety that we have grown this year. My friend Gerry took 10 or 12 plants home to grow in his GH but he has had no better results than the ones on the plot. I also took 3 plants home to grow on my balcony. Every year I grow a few plants but I haven’t been very pleased with the results here either! The one plant in the GH on the plot has given the best fruit of all the plants!

I also harvested perhaps half the Beetroot plants I planted out a few months ago but those I left in still need to bulk up a little more besides which I have no room at home for more. I can’t preserve them in vinegar as my wife can’t stand the stuff & nothing with vinegar in it enters our house! She checks the ingredient labels of food before she buys it to make sure it doesn’t contain vinegar!

I weeded the Sweet Peppers this week & hardly found a decent pepper amongst all the plants I have in 2 beds! I’m very, very disappointed. My wife is as well as she brought the seeds for the Tomatoes & the Sweet Peppers back from her visit to her mum’s last year in September! She also brought me Lettuce seeds & these did VERY WELL! People on the allotment field asked how I’d managed to grow such big Lettuces!

Fortunately I won’t need to weed more than once as this season’s now coming to an end.

The Cucumbers growing in the GH have given us just enough fruits so that we haven’t had to buy any for 3 months, except when we bought some one week when the plants stopped producing more when we had a very cold week. They have been covered in Powdery Mildew almost the whole time but they still managed to give us enough fruit. I’ll see if I can find a Cucumber that’s resistant to this for next year. I’ve included a photo of what will most likely be the last fruits from the plants for this year as the temps have started to fall quite a bit & the few remaining babies won’t grow any more.

1st Photo: Tomatoes Mallorquin harvested
2nd Photo: Tomatoes Mallorquin growing outside of GH
3rd Photo: Beetroot Bolthardy before harvesting half of them
4th Photo: Sweet Peppers
5th Photo: Probably the last Cucumbers from the GH for this year.


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  • LillyPilly

    LillyPilly wrote:

    Have you tried your wife on lacto fermented beetroot? Just shred and salt and pack, like making sauerkraut. After fermentation it continues to get more sour, but keeping the jars cold slows down the process. Great on sandwiches, or added to anything that needs a bit of a lift.

    Posted on 08 Oct 11 (over 3 years ago)

  • Amarylis

    Amarylis wrote:

    Thanks for that but my wife doesn’t like beetroot! I’m happy to eat it just boiled then eaten directly or added to salad.

    Posted on 12 Oct 11 (over 3 years ago)

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