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Friday, 23 Sep 11 Rainy 18°C / 65°F

I got a big 1/4 pound sack of shriley poppy seeds, and really laid them on thick in the lily bed. I still have plenty to re-seed in the spring, so regardless of when shirley poppies prefer to be sown here, I should be set. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. I have bad luck with poppies. Hence the 1/4 pound bag so what I can’t manage with quality I might hit with quantity. 1/4 pound is a lot of poppy seed.

Also planted half the packet of white nigella hispanica. None of those sprouted last year, so I assumed my seed was old. Since most of the other nigella is self-seeding right about now I figured it was worth a shot. Still have the other half of the packet anyway.

Also, surprisingly enough it looks like the nemophila’s under the lilac are re-sprouting on their own as well. I’m dubious about their hardiness here – I think they’re a British plant – but we’ll see.

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Front: lilac garden

Day 194

Nemophila maculata "Five Spot"

Nemophila maculata

Day 194

Nemophila menziesii var. discoidalis 'Pennie Black'

Nemophila menziesii

Day 0

Shirley Poppies

Papaver rhoeas

Day 0

Nigella hispanica 'bridal veil' - fall sowing

Nigella hispanica

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