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Monday, 08 Aug 11 Storms 30°C / 86°F

It’s finally cooling off a bit the past couple days. Got around an inch of rain the end of last week and .05 inches yesterday morning. Everything is growing and ripening. I’ve picked seven Celebrity tomatoes that are just huge…softball size or bigger. Any nonbelievers of compost should check it out…Hopefully I’ll get some canned today. Going to try and dig up the rest of the Yukons and get them shredded/diced and in the freezer.
The cucumbers are starting to bounce back from their trellis destruction. I was hoping to have more cucumbers by now but that’s ok. I don’t feel so bombarded with produce to put up this way :) Almost have enough okra to make a batch of pickles. Got canning salt and dill seed yesterday. I knew I should have planted that dill mom gave me…ah well it wasn’t like it’s expensive. Mom got me two dozen quart jars as a surprise :D I think she’s more excited about me starting to can than I am.
Found a big fat tomato caterpillar on one of my pepper plants yesterday. He was as big as my ring finger (and I don’t have small hands) Those things can demolish leaves like you wouldn’t believe.

the 4th through 6th was Kansas’ Biggest Rodeo in Phillipsburg which is 20 miles from here. My mom has my two oldest girls to take to her county fair so we had Kevin and Skyla the yougest. Saturday was the parade. They divert traffic off highway 36. It lasted around 45 minutes and the kids half filled an ice cream bucket (gallon) a piece of candy. It was a good time :)

1) Celebrity
2) My bucket wasn’t big enough…
3) Tomato caterpillar
4) Skyla getting candy
5) Plenty for everybody (Kevin in red)


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Day 98

Tomato 'Celebrity'

Solanum lycopersicum


  • anelson

    anelson wrote:

    cute kids and monster tomato!

    Posted on 08 Aug 11 (over 3 years ago)

  • seeingreen

    seeingreen wrote:

    That is some handful – the mater I mean!

    Posted on 08 Aug 11 (over 3 years ago)

  • kris04

    kris04 wrote:

    It’s not the biggest one either…I picked a supersteak this morning that looked like a softball grown into a baseball. They are in the canner right now :)

    Posted on 08 Aug 11 (over 3 years ago)

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Long Island, KS

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