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Spraying for spidermites

Wednesday, 20 Jul 11 38°C / 100°F

I’ve finally given up on fighting this battle with household concoctions or streams of water. The spider mites have done a number on some fall seedling, including a red currant tomato that was just starting to flower, so it’s time to bring out the big(ger) guns. The established plants are getting neem oil, but I’m trying something called “Liquid Ladybug” on the remaining fall seedlings. Someone from the company offered a free sample after I tweeted about my spider mite woes. The MSDS [PDF] says it’s just lemongrass oil and geranium oil (and it’s made here in Austin), so I would rather use that than douse the garden in neem oil – if it works! We’ll see. Has anyone else tried it, or something made of the same ingredients?

I’m wondering if I brought the spider mite problem on myself by planting so many marigolds with the tomatoes. The marigolds were the first plants to show signs of them, but I didn’t figure out what they were until they moved on to the tomatoes. They don’t seem to have any interest in the peppers, at least. The jalapeƱos are the only thing still producing reliably, and there are some bell peppers almost ready as well. Next year I’ll do more peppers and less lettuce. Good fresh bell peppers are harder to find in the grocery around here than acceptable lettuce, and more expensive to boot. I’ve also killed fewer pepper plants than lettuce plants… :)

This entry is about

Day 45

Bucket O'Beans (Fortex)

Phaseolus vulgaris


Sprayed neem oil; repeat Jul 28

Day 71

Tomato 'Red Currant'

Solanum pimpinellifolium


Sprayed neem oil; repeat Jul 28

Porch & Patio garden

Sprayed Liquid Ladybug on seedlings; repeat Jul 21 evening and then again in 6 days

Veggie Patch (Spring 2011) garden

Sprayed everything with neem oil; repeat Jul 28


  • JimMarconnet

    JimMarconnet wrote:

    Just curious how that Liquid LadyBug worked out for you?

    Posted on 23 Sep 12 (over 2 years ago)

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