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Sunday, 10 Jul 11 Rainy 17°C / 63°F

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Everything’s growing really well.

The pak choi is still being eaten even though it’s bolted – still tastes fine. The leaves round the edges of the rainbow chard have been used in some stir-fries. Broad beans are almost ready to harvest.

The carrots haven’t been given enough room for the second year running. They’re being swamped between the 2 rows of savoy cabbage which have enormous leaves this year. ANother thing being swamped is the spring onions and lettuce, which aren’t doing well at all!

Everything else is growing like crazy though :-D


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Shed roof garden

Back flower garden

Back flower garden

Day 24

Kale 2

Brassica oleracea (Acephala Group)

Day 24

Leeks 2

Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum

Day 82

Peppers 2

Capsicum annuum var. annuum (Grossum Group)

Day 82

Chillies 2

Capsicum annuum longum group

Day 90

King Edward Potatoes

Solanum tuberosum

Day 110

Cherry tomatoes

Solanum lycopersicum


really bushing out in the tomorite bags

Day 82

Spaghetti squash

Cucurbita pepo var. fastigata

Setting Fruit
Day 82

Butternut squash 2

Cucurbita pepo

getting going again after stunted growth from frost in april

Day 65

Dwarf broad bean 2

Vicia faba

Day 131

Dwarf broad bean

Vicia faba

Day 65

Round Carrots

Daucus carota subsp. sativus


Day 82

Savoy Cabbage

Brassica oleracea (Capitata Group)

Day 65

Rainbow chard

Beta vulgaris var. cicla

Day 65

Mixed lettuce 2

Lactuca sativa var. crispa

Day 65

Spring onions

Allium fistulosum

not doing well!

Day 65

Pak Choi

Brassica rapa (Chinensis Group)

Day 65


Allium cepa var. aggregatum


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