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Sunday in the Garden

Saturday, 14 May 11 Cloudy 16°C / 61°F

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I like Sundays – it’s often the only full free day that I have in the garden because our Gallery is open six days a week. There are always so many urgent jobs to do that sometimes the less urgent ones have to be sidelined. So it was with the Cucumber ‘Passandra’ plants that I have been growing in the big greenhouse. They’ve been in four and five inch pots so I’ve been able to keep them watered and growing, but it was getting pretty imperative to put them in their proper homes.
Yesterday was so windy that I didn’t risk moving the cucumber plants from the big greenhouse to the small ones. They might have been damaged in the process and these babies aren’t cheap! (even if I did get six seeds instead of the usual five this year …)
So today I managed the transfer and got four of the five safely established in their ten inch pots in the small greenhouse. Normally I transplant cucumbers when they are about six inches tall. These were nearer eighteen inches! So it was a rather delicate operation but safely accomplished. They’re so big and already have several tendrils each, that it only took a simple tie to get them leaning up against the netting ready to romp upwards (hopefully!).
There are already baby cucumbers and flowerbuds on them so I’m really hoping that they establish quickly and grow away. Home grown cucumbers have a juiciness and flavour all of their own – nothing like insipid shop-bought specimens.
In other news, the orange hippeastrum has come into bloom and looks magnificent as usual. It’s not a prolific one, usually only producing one flower stem, but it’s such a nice colour – not red but not a pale orange – more of a deep salmon shade.
I may be lucky enough to get some of tomorrow in the garden too because the forecast is for cloudy conditions and hubby has some work to do in the Gallery, so I may be ‘let out’ to play :-))))



  • LouiseM

    LouiseM wrote:

    I need to look up the cucumber ‘passandra’ – sounds interesting (albeit expensive!). Your hippeastrum looks spectacular – what a nice indoor change from the regular Spring “suspects” and what a gorgeous hit of colour. Hope you get let out to play!

    Posted on 15 May 11 (almost 4 years ago)

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