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  • flowerweaver 20 Jan 2015
    • 8
    • 9

    New bees and green cotton

    Photo-upload-422110?1421892811 Since the new year, we've had a half an inch of rain. Quite a few bluebonnets have sprouted and I am giving them supplemental water hoping for a beautiful field this year, having only had one last year. Sunday I had the good fortune of finding a bee swarm on the lawn of a local church where we...
    Clear 20°C / 68°F
  • redloon 25 Jan 2015
    • 1
    • 7

    Photos and status updates: Asparagus shoots, Trillium bloom, Pussy Willow fuzziness, Kale harvest

    Clear 13°C / 55°F
  • janietta 20 Jan 2015
    • 2
    • 4

    doctoring the woods; or industrial meets natural

    Photo-upload-422042?1421802166 This little woods was woefully unkempt. A gas pipeline and a major electric line parallel the road, with a 30 foot right of way that had been "kept up" by the utilities and the road crews. That whole section was full of multifloral roses, mile-a-minute vines, bittersweet vines, honeysuckle (non-n...
    Mostly Cloudy 0°C / 32°F
  • rainymountain 23 Jan 2015
    • 5
    • 1

    El Nino winter

    Photo-upload-422172?1422057548 "West Columbia Snowfall, with total amounts of about 15 cm is expected. A Pineapple Express that's bringing a copious amount of rain to the B.C. coast has spilled moisture over to the North and West Columbia regions in the form of snow. Snowfall accumulations could locally reach 15 centimetre...
    Snow 0°C / 32°F
  • xan 24 Jan 2015
    • 5
    • 1

    Indoors and outdoors

    Photo-upload-422319?1422127324 I got my extended period of what passes for "warmth" in a Chicago winter-- several days between 35 and the low 40s. Managed to unfreeze the pond, knock the massive ice chunks into the hole and then refill it. Switched the pump to the shallow end and the heater to the deep end, so hopefully that f...
    Partly Cloudy 7°C / 45°F
  • halhurst 21 Jan 2015
    • 3
    • 1

    Wicking bucket test planting

    Photo-upload-422078?1421862957 Planted a wicking bucket- v1.5- with 3/4 all-purpose sand and 1/4 worm castings mix (itself 3/4 crushed charcoal and 1/4 worm castings) Watering will be from aquarium water. Planted 6 locations around a 1-foot circle with 3-4 seeds of 5-color silverbeet (rainbow chard). At this point the blue...
    Overcast 14°C / 57°F
  • Carol 21 Jan 2015
    • 2
    • 2

    Garden maintenance

    Photo-upload-422132?1421935311 It has taken me a few days to catch up journalling my garden activities of late. However, Monday I had a very productive day in the garden. Several days earlier the new solar pond fountain had arrived. As it was still the holiday period and I had interstate guests visiting I did not have a ...
    Light Rain Showers 26°C / 79°F
  • rainymountain 27 Jan 2015
    • 2
    • 2

    The Pineapple Express

    Photo-upload-422439?1422410363 The Pineapple Express seemed to have run out of steam by the time it reached us. None of the expected rainfall and none of the extraordinarily high temperatures, just a steady +2C day and night which turned the snow we did get into inches of slush. All Friday night snow slid from the roof with gr...
    Overcast 2°C / 36°F
  • rainymountain 20 Jan 2015
    • 3
    • 0

    Walking to the PO

    Photo-upload-422051?1421819499 The sun just skims over the top of Mt McPherson now, but by 3:00pm the sun is gone - that's the problem with mountains! For a change the peaks were in cloud and the valley was more or less clear and sunny instead of the other way round. Usually the skiers are above the clouds. These photos were t...
    Light Freezing Fog -2°C / 28°F

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