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    28 May 2015
    DS2 arrived home form work one day last autumn with a little bag of cuttings from a client of his. They were struck in October – quite late – and moved very little over winter in my cool conservatory. With the advent of spring they ...

    Scented Variegated Leaf Geranium Blooming, Red Velvet Pelargonium Blooming, Pink Frills...

    Scattered Clouds 12°C / 54°F
  • 28 May 2015
    Pears: http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/newsletters/hortupdate/2010/apr/pears.html Fruit trees recommended for this area, (video): https://vimeo.com/81355871

  • Photo-upload-431763?1432843229
    28 May 2015
    My daughters cat had kittens. I hate kittens this time of year. They are always playing in the flower beds. They peed in the potted plant on the deck, tore apart the hollyhocks and now they are after my phlox! One more week and they are out of he...

    Walker's Low

  • Photo-upload-430453?1431432080
    27 May 2015
    This morning I made a quick trip to the allotment before work to plant out one of the sweet potatoes in the mini greenhouse. I planted the one that had been the smaller of the two as it had grown taller than it’s cane and was starting to att...

    Sweet Potato Planting Out and Allotment garden

  • Photo-upload-431720?1432818928
    27 May 2015
    I don’t even care for the TV series, I refer to the rather, erm, flawed results I’ve been having with basil this year. My pot of supermarket basil was dead in a week (last year’s survived several months and three or four harvests...

    Basil 'Rubin' Planting Out, Basil 'Siam Queen' Damaged, Basil 'Greek' Growing, Basil 'L...

    Partly Cloudy 17°C / 63°F
  • Photo-upload-431679?1432783534
    27 May 2015
    The dry weather is begining to kick in. I would be seeing less rainfall and more sunny days ahead. In this second batch of edamame, only 1 is sprouting beautifully without any hint of fungus infection or mold on it. While the puffy dycot is still ...

    Second chance Sprouting and Mr & Mrs pots garden

    Sunny 30°C / 86°F
  • 27 May 2015
    Perhaps did not lose this as looks like maybe growth starting at ground Keep eye on it

    jackmani clematis and Living room garden

  • 27 May 2015
    Around the rose of sharon extended grass Also took out wild flowers at front of rose and extended grass

    Obelisk garden

  • 27 May 2015
    gift from Erin H. White to match previous pink one

    giant Mallow hibiscus Transplanted and Living room garden