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  • redloon 02 Aug 2014
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    • 6

    August 2nd: Weeding the back patio :P

    Overcast 32°C / 90°F
  • cristina 27 Sep 2014
    • 5
    • 1

    autumn harvest

    Photo-upload-415910?1411936473 An unexpected sunny week. I'm harvesting the last zucchini, peppers and a lot of French beans, lettuce and parsley. Pot marigolds, nasturtium and sunflowers are still blooming around. Enjoyable days! (The only problem is too many homeworks to correct...).
    Clear 15°C / 59°F
  • redloon 03 Aug 2014
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    August 3rd: First pear harvest!

    Photo-upload-415959?1411962282 Updated 9/29: We had 6 pears growing on our tree when I picked these. I was reading about how to tell when to pick pears, and decided to try 2 methods. The first one involved harvesting the pears while still very firm-fleshed, refrigerating them, and then putting them on the counter to ripen. The...
    Overcast 37°C / 98°F
  • halhurst 22 Sep 2014
    • 4
    • 1

    The Gardens at the Getty Villa

    Photo-upload-415573?1411440501 That old rascal investor and oilman J.P. Getty had a lot of money, and he also had a thing about old Roman antiquities. He collected them until his house was full, and then had an idea. Why not make a copy of the ill-fated Villa di Papiri, which was buried in the eruption of Pompei, to house th...
    Clear 22°C / 72°F
  • redloon 28 Sep 2014
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    Sown: Fall seeds (indoors)

    Photo-upload-415928?1411959731 Today I sowed seeds into 120 cells of 3 seed trays: Broccoli 'Pinetree Mix' - 20 cells Broccoli 'Waltham' - 5 cells Napa Cabbage 'Bilko' - 10 cells Pak Choi 'White Stem' - 15 cells Kale 'Redbor' - 15 cells Kale 'Starbor' - 15 cells Kale 'Dinosaur' - 10 cells Kale 'Dwarf Blue Curled' - 1...
    Rainy 29°C / 85°F
  • redloon 16 Aug 2014
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    August 16th: Flower show + cardamom!!

    Sunny 37°C / 98°F
  • redloon 08 Aug 2014
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    August 8th: The effects of root knot nematodes

    Photo-upload-415965?1411962576 Root knot nematodes are nasty little buggers. They completely destroyed my parsnip crop, and stress out my tomatoes. On a more positive note, root knot nematode-resistant pepper varieties are available! And the self-seeded Melampodium in the front yard is blooming beautifully.
    Overcast 37°C / 98°F
  • Njerish 03 Aug 2014
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    The Sprouting

    It sprouted pretty fast but, when I planted, it was still pretty cold. And my balcony didn't get quite enough sun. So after a while, I lost a few plants. I had about 8, I only have three left. One seems to be doing okay, the rest are surviving.
  • Nateen 23 Sep 2014
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    what should I grow plants in my garden

    Hello, everyone can you suggest me about plant ? I want to grow plant in my new garden what are plants appropriate growing in behind house?

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