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  • flowerweaver 24 Jul 2014
    • 7
    • 8

    Melons, coffee stories, and a strange sunset

    Yesterday we harvested two rare Punjabi melons called Kajari from my landrace project. It’s quite possibly crossed with the ‘Sweet Freckles’ melon, of which we harvested a third, and the ‘Prescott Fond Blanc’ which is still on the vine. They are filling the house wit...
    Mostly Cloudy 34°C / 93°F
  • Motherhen 21 Jul 2014
    • 5
    • 5

    Poppies flowering

    Over the Fence garden
    From a swap with Elizabethspetals,
  • HollyBee 25 Jul 2014
    • 3
    • 5

    Hostas, Potatoes, Beans and Peas

    Shade or Woodland garden , Vegetable garden , Pea 'Little Marvel' , Bean 'Tendergreen' , Bean 'Slenderette...
    Finally finished mulching the Shade/Woodland Garden. It took 11 bags in all, and I probably could have used more around the edges. Planted Tendergreen Beans in the bed with the Little Marvel Peas. I’m going to let the Peas go to seed now and see what I can save to plant for next year. I ...
    Clear 20°C / 68°F
  • rainymountain 22 Jul 2014
    • 6
    • 2

    "There is a parcel with leaves sticking out for you."

    Sea Holly 'Blue Hobbit' Blooming, Asiatic lily 'Landini' Blooming, and LA Lily Brindisi Blooming
    This was the message on my answering machine when I got home last evening. I was waiting for some Epimediums to arrive. This morning I went down to the Post Office to collect my leafy parcel. After 7 days in the tender care of Canada Post, they looked in perfect condition thanks to their excelle...
    Cloudy 21°C / 70°F
  • halhurst 24 Jul 2014
    • 3
    • 4

    70-day raft culture setup

    7/23/14: Building on my previous success in a small scale raft hydroponics trial last spring, my medium scale raft setup, designed to deliver a weekly harvest of greens in perpetual rotation. is nearing completion. It uses fish tank effluent to provide nutrition for the plants and purifies the wa...
    Clear 23°C / 73°F
  • rainymountain 21 Jul 2014
    • 2
    • 4

    A bit more rain overnight

    Daylily Sheherazade Blooming, Hemerocallis 'Gentle Shepherd' Blooming, Clematis integrifolia 'Blue Boy' B...
    I finished the Boat Garden yesterday. Digging out the Unknown Irises of which about two thirds went down to the Visual Art Centre to go in the slowly growing gardens there. All of the rhizomes looked really healthy even the ones that had flowers this year, much healthier than the irises at the ot...
    Clear 24°C / 75°F
  • xan 26 Jul 2014
    • 3
    • 2

    Getting ready for the party

    Keyhole garden , Prairie coneflower Blooming, Phlox Blooming, Chard- Peppermint stripe , Iris, reblooming ...
    The garden has peaked in perfect timing for the Lammas Fest. Followers who are in Chicago this weekend, you’re invited. Sunday 7/27 3:30 to 8:30. DM me for my address. Every year I try to entice people to come help get ready for this annual party. Yes it’s a lot of sweaty labor, but m...
    Overcast 22°C / 72°F
  • redloon 25 Jul 2014
    • 3
    • 2

    Today's garden project: Taming the paths between my vegetable beds

    Asparagus 'Jersey Supreme' Setting Fruit, Sweet Potato 'Carolina Bunch' Growing, and Chili Pepper 'Super Th...
    Another long-lived task on my garden to-do list has been checked off! DH weed-whacked the tall grass and weeds that had taken over my garden paths, and I followed behind him, applying carefully overlapped cardboard (from our handy stash of moving boxes), and weighing down the cardboard with our h...
    Overcast 38°C / 101°F
  • redloon 23 Jul 2014
    • 3
    • 2

    Huge post-vacation harvest (including several pounds of edamame)

    Basil 'Superbo' Harvesting, Cucumber 'Salt and Pepper' Harvesting, Bell Pepper 'Carolina Wonder' Harvesting...
    This is what happens when one is away for slightly over a week in the middle of the summer! My kitchen counter was feeling very “Horn of Plenty”-like tonight. :)
    Clear 36°C / 96°F

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