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  • halhurst 24 Feb 2015
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    Crushed charcoal, Sand, and Pumice.

    Photo-upload-423913?1424842820 Previous journal on this: http://myfolia.com/journals/136510-wicking-bucket-test-planting The small-scale trials of soils for the wicking beds done in mini 5-gallon buckets ended with one candidate for wicking bed soil- all purpose construction sand. The bucket I started now has chard in it, ...
    Clear 17°C / 63°F
  • Carol 25 Feb 2015
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    • 7

    Saturday Grass Mowing and Unexpected Events.

    Photo-upload-423944?1424916192 Garden growth had gotten away from me. I had not been feeling 100% well for a long time, and always put it down to the incessant migraines that I suffer. Add to that lawn mowers that refuse to start for me, left our grass growing beyond the tolerable. When some clumps of grass are taller than ...
    Mostly Cloudy 32°C / 90°F
  • mpsprengeler 27 Feb 2015
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    Really itchy.

    I have got the "need to plant NOW" itch real bad. Seed catalogs came late this year, so I'm getting started on my seed-starting late. In reality I've been poring over them in 10-minute increments for the last three weeks trying to decide what stuff to try. I have the distinct feeling that I'm ...
    Clear -19°C / -2°F
  • rainymountain 24 Feb 2015
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    • 1

    The first flower of 2015

    Photo-upload-423909?1424826503 I think this must be a record for an early flower, and it isn't crocuses in Path but a snowdrop. How did that get there? Plants move themselves around the garden in mysterious ways. Was it there last year? Perhaps… I had picked up some sticks on my way home to lay on Path garden to keep the cats ...
    Clear 4°C / 39°F
  • GreenGuy 25 Feb 2015
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    More Veggie & Herb Seed Sowing

    Most of these are heirloom and OP varieties I am growing out for seed. I have sown an entire packet of seeds into each cell (20-100 seeds per cell), because these seed packets have gotten a bit old. Even if the plants bolt or get tough due to hot weather in late Spring, this will be fine as lon...
    Rainy 4°C / 40°F
  • xan 01 Mar 2015
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    In the meantime

    Photo-upload-424114?1425225593 The rehabbing is coming along, while the divorce is not. I don't even care anymore. Wei wanted a divorce, but we are now more than 2 years on and barely any progress. I don't even care anymore. I am going to have to sell the house, but not until 2017. I'm done with rehab for a while-- next big...
    Snow -7°C / 19°F
  • Kevalsha 24 Feb 2015
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    This tree shed all the leaves when transplanted but now has recuperated and has been growing.
    Clear 19°C / 66°F
  • PlantyHamchuk 25 Feb 2015
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    More snow, time to plant peppers!

    We keep going back and forth on how to handle things in the Solarium. We use it as our main greenhouse, but it's actually not set up well for that purpose. It would be great to have a misting system in there, and a drainage system for the floor, but it's currently made out of materials that can't...
    Patches of Fog -7°C / 19°F
  • rainymountain 26 Feb 2015
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    • 2

    Calamondin Orange

    Photo-upload-423981?1424988987 Green Guy asked about the Calamondin Orange, so here is an update. It was bought at the local supermarket in December 2004 as a small bush. It is now approximately 18" high and 24" wide. It has always been a rather straggly shrub, and has been pruned at various times. Currently it has blossoms, s...
    Overcast 5°C / 41°F

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