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    10 Apr 2015
    Many times Giancarlo and I have tried to imagine the story of Bella, the dog who arrived here through the woods - as someone of you probably remember, having read my old journals about her - in snowy January 2010. We have imagined the story of ...

    6°C / 43°F
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    15 Apr 2015
    Only a fraction of the number of hummingbirds we usually have arrived. I fear many of them were nesting in the Italian Stone Pine when it came down in the tornado last summer. We used to watch them dancing above it in the setting sun. Or, perha...

    Mexican Evening Primrose Blooming, Greenthread Blooming, Prairie Verbena Blooming, Indi...

    Partly Cloudy 21°C / 70°F
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    10 Apr 2015
    The days are finally sunny (while the nights are still cold). A few flowers sown years ago are now spreading around: wall rock cress, glory of the snow and perwinle (not yet in bloom). It seems that one has just to wait… Tomorrow I’m starting ...

    wall rock cress Blooming and glory of the snow Blooming

    Sunny 6°C / 43°F
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    11 Apr 2015
    First sowings in 2015 kitchen garden: onion sets and peas.

    Overcast 6°C / 43°F
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    12 Apr 2015
    Beautiful Tiger Swallowtail visited the Creeping Phlox today.

    Creeping Phlox #6 and Storm Shelter garden

    Mostly Cloudy 27°C / 81°F
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    15 Apr 2015
    My pink Amaryllis 'Misty' is blooming again, and this year it is sending up 2 flower spikes instead of just one. Looks like it appreciates the fertilizer we gave it at the start of Spring. I also have a thornless blackberry in full flower. M...

    Gerbera daisy x2 (5 died) Blooming and Amaryllis 'Misty' Blooming

  • Photo-upload-427934?1428861748
    11 Apr 2015
    The end of my first two weeks of having my own allotment - it was totally covered in grass but had one bed that had been partially dug over last year, which is the one I've been working on. Having dug over half the bed, I planted some gladioli ...

    Gladiolus 'Princess margaret rose' , Gladiolus 'Baccaret' , Gladiolus 'Mon Amour' , Gar...

    Sunny 18°C / 64°F
  • Photo-upload-428002?1428891379
    12 Apr 2015
    Some pretty clumps of SDBs this year. Pixie Princess Neutron Pumpin' Iron Cool Melodrama & Neutron What Again

    Mostly Cloudy 27°C / 81°F
  • Photo-upload-428240?1429061124
    14 Apr 2015
    I've been cultivating this weed for some time, but it has just started to flower, so it was time to pull it up. It made Thistle's day!