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  • halhurst 20 Oct 2014
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    A long time coming- IBC tank nears completion

    Photo-upload-417430?1413829781 Start with a used IBC tank. Disassemble it to get it home. Build a crane to get it into the backyard. Cut off the top Add 2" of sheet foam insulation. Encase the whole thing in rough-sawn cedar planks, compensating for a non-square tweaked frame and building around the top of the cage. Add l...
    Clear 21°C / 70°F
  • HPByrd 20 Oct 2014
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    Making water more acidic for acid loving plants and notes on strong substances recommended on the web

    From organic website: The level of the acidity isn't given just the instructions: "To lower the pH level of soil and make it more acidic, vinegar can applied by hand or using an irrigation system. For a basic treatment, a cup of vinegar can mixed with a gallon of water and poured over soil...
    Clear 7°C / 45°F
  • flowerweaver 21 Oct 2014
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    Butterflies, garlic, and the trouble with stumps

    Photo-upload-417475?1413911172 Saturday the Monarchs finally showed up and have been playing in the backyard trees. They were camera shy. I am still learning how to use my new camera (the Olympus Tough). I suppose it would help if I'd read the manual. I fed Tucker a big breakfast then we went off for the day. When we return...
    Mostly Cloudy 27°C / 81°F
  • PlantyHamchuk 18 Oct 2014
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    Winter is coming, fermented hot sauce experiments, happy worms

    Not much going on with the garden. The deckbed (lettuce, broccoli, collards, brussels sprouts) is growing v e r y slowly. We've had quite a bit of rain. The other week - Oct 4th - it looked like we were going to have frosts and temps dropping down to 32F/0C so I went into pepper harvesting overdr...
    14°C / 57°F
  • xan 18 Oct 2014
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    Productive day

    Photo-upload-417397?1413768854 With a cold drizzle this morning, I spend about four hours working on the front casements, which I foolishly decided to strip. I knew it would be a big job, but it's even harder than I thought it would be. What I should be doing is actually taking the windows right of the hinges, but I'm afraid I...
    Overcast 9°C / 48°F
  • Carol 20 Oct 2014
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    Both roses, Mr Lincoln and My Choice, have succumbed to the tropical climate. While they went into winter dormancy, they did not emerge from dormancy. Although potted, Rosa 'Mr Lincoln' appears to have been either attacked by wood boring insects or by a fungal disease causing wood rot. I w...
    Partly Cloudy 27°C / 81°F
  • rainymountain 18 Oct 2014
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    That was very satisfactory!

    Photo-upload-417330?1413675063 The weather was doing its usual gloomy, drizzly act this morning when I went down to the last but one Farmers' Market. Not so many stalls now but lots of good local, mainly organic veggies and fruit. When I got home it wasn't actually raining and I decided to get the last of the bulbs into the gr...
    Mostly Cloudy 13°C / 55°F
  • PlantyHamchuk 21 Oct 2014
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    Spider bite and transplanting spree on Tier 1

    We might get cold enough that it will be a problem tomorrow evening, so once again we've gone into full gear. V has been working on finishing up an area for the tropical fruit trees (they're still small, but being trees they're still bigger than anything else). I went on a transplanting spree to ...
    Partly Cloudy 9°C / 48°F
  • halhurst 20 Oct 2014
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    Wicking Bed 1.3 Week 5

    Photo-upload-417444?1413846767 More of the same- The bins are sorting themselves out and it seems that the most absorbent soil is growing the lushest plants. Some of the leaner blends are failing to support their plants, though I don't know why plants are not thriving in some of the beds- all show water not too far below the ...
    Clear 21°C / 70°F

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