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  • hekele Folia Supporter 225 plants United States8b

    Hmmm. I’m a bit puzzled about beans. I live in the Pacific Northwest of the US, and I know string beans grow well here as my grandmother grew them most of her life, and I’ve had them fresh from various gardens a number of times. I keep reading that beans should be started ‘after the last chance of frost has past, and when soil temperatures reach 65 degrees.’ Those two things seem like they’d be very different times of the year. Here, 65 degrees doesn’t happen as an average high until at least late May, and average lows are never over 60. Last frost is towards the end of March. Does that mean wait until almost June to plant the beans? This is my first year gardening, so perhaps there’s something I’m missing about soil temperatures. Do they rise sooner than air temperature because of direct sunlight? If so, what does that mean for timing of the bean planting? Any insight is welcome. Thanks!

    Posted about 3 years ago
  • 261 plants Canada8a

    I live in the PNW – further North than you – and I manage to get a good bean crop each year. Round here, the “rule” is not to direct sow at least until May 15th but I buck that a little by starting my first sowing of bush beans and all my poles in root trainers indoors on May 1st. I find they transplant just fine.

    I’ll direct seed a second sowing of bush beans late in June/early July but find the Springs/early Summers here in the PNW too unreliable to start the first and main crop that way.

    Hope that helps! Maybe you should join our Pacific Northwest forum – you’ll get more advice from people in your closer vicinity too.

  • Posted about 3 years ago
  • laurieann

    Folia Helper

    177 plants United States7b

    Good advice LouiseM! I think maybe I’ll try to get a head start on my beans using my soil blocker. I have had moderate success with green beans but poor harvests of dried beans.

  • Posted about 3 years ago
  • Tralamander

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    96 plants United Kingdom8b

    Here broad beans are the first to be planted and germinate, followed by runner beans under glass.

    in potting mix, in unheated greenhouse, here is what my broad beans look like today. :)

  • Posted about 3 years ago
  • Folia Supporter
    514 plants United States8b

    The awesome thing about Folia is that i can now look back a couple years and tell you that i have typically made my 1st bean sowing during the second half of May, direct sown. The germination time when they are sown then has been about 20 days, but i have gotten harvests.

  • Posted about 3 years ago

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