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Seed Swappers (OR - Plants, Bulbs, Cuttings, etc.)

Have seeds or plants to swap? Looking for those who do? Post ’em here!

To find out more about how you can swap on Folia, make sure you check out the Swaps page – http://myfolia.com/swaps

(Not rules, just suggestions)

Making the trade
1. Treat your trading partner as you would like to be treated.
2. Send communication and responses as promptly as you can. Always respond. Always be patient.
3. If you wish to decline a trade offer, do so politely. If a trader declines your offer, accept it graciously.
4. Both parties should be satisfied with the proposed trade. Continue to negotiate until it works for both of you.
5. Things happen in life! If you cannot fulfill your part of the trade, notify your trade partner as promptly as your can. They will understand and you can negotiate an alternative. If your trade partner cannot fulfill their part of the trade, be understanding and open to communication and negotiation. Both parties should be realistic in their expectations of their trading partner.

Sending the seeds
1. Send your seeds as you would like to have them sent to you.
2. Package your seeds in a paper packet, small plastic baggie or similar package, and be sure all edges and corners are sealed so no seeds escape.
3. Very important! Remember to provide the Folia Swap Code for each item.
4. Remember that standard envelopes will be processed by the Post Office by sending them through scanning and sorting machines that can crush large seeds or thick envelopes. It is helpful to wrap the seed packets in some material that will give them a bit of protection, e.g. bubble wrap, foam sheeting, etc. if you are using a standard envelope. The Post Office will hand stamp envelopes on request, but this is no guarantee that the envelope does not get normal processing. For larger trades, consider using a padded or bubble envelope.
5. Be sure to use enough postage to get the package or envelope to its destination. If you are sending postage for a return package or envelope, be sure to send an adequate amount to cover the return trip for the package and its added contents.
6. Acknowledge receipt of the trade to your partner. Provide feedback about the condition of the package or seeds on receipt as needed.

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