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  • nath

    Folia Admin

    Folia Supporter 0 plants United Kingdom

    We’re having some email issues so if you’re contacted us through the contact form and only received and error then you message most likely didn’t reach us. We’re looking into it and let you know when it’s fixed again.

    Posted over 7 years ago
  • nath

    Folia Admin

    Folia Supporter
    0 plants United Kingdom

    Looks like the email issue has been fixed but the site is running very slow and throwing up the odd proxy error. We’re still monitoring it and hopefully will have these last gremlins worked out soon.

  • Posted over 7 years ago
  • nath

    Folia Admin

    Folia Supporter
    0 plants United Kingdom

    Our hosting provider has just informed us that they may have fixed the issue – there could still be the odd disruption, but they’re looking over it through the weekend.

    Sorry about the disruption.

  • Posted over 7 years ago

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