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moving posts from one thread to another

  • orientallily 1068 plants Canada6a

    There are six posts in one of the lily group’s thread that really should be another… just to keep things neat & tidy.
    Is there a way for me to transfer them? I don’t want them deleted, just moved. Do I ask you, Nic, to move them? Or should I just ignore it and hope for the best in future?

    The six posts in


    starting from Duke asking “can any one help me identify this plant?” and the included picture and ending with sgardener saying “Tralamander, you were right…”
    should all really be in


    Thanks for all your help Nic.

    Posted over 3 years ago
  • nic

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    14 plants United Kingdom8

    I can only move brand-new threads as unfortunately older ones have already been indexed by google – it would this break any search results returned for our site and lower our ranking, which would be a shame if people are searching for the info in one of the threads and we no longer come up.

    If they are new ones, I could have a look at moving them though – I’ll take a look at the ones you posted above and see what I can do.

  • Posted over 3 years ago
  • 1068 plants Canada6a

    Not a problem… Thanks for looking at it, though.
    I’ve asked DUKE to repost his pictures (which he has) in the Wanna-bees thread as they are particularly pretty so really, all is well in the land of the Lilies group.
    Thanks again for the Lily Lovers badge, nic. Everyone is just loving it!

  • Posted over 3 years ago

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