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Medieval Herbs

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    Medicinal herbs were grown and dried for use in the winter.

    All Heal – used to break as well as prevent fevers
    Feverfew – used to break as well as prevent fevers
    Lavender – digestive aid
    Sage – digestive aid
    Peppermint – digestive aid
    Goose Grass – good for healing breaks, cuts, and lesions
    Dandelion – purgative and diuretic
    Boneset – good for healing breaks, cuts, and lesions
    Willow bark – used to break as well as prevent fevers

    Culinary plants and herbs were grown for use during the summer and were dried or otherwise preserved for use during the winter.
    Winter savory, some oreganos, garlic, and chives would last through most winters.
    Other plants such as basil, curry, lavender, coriander, tarragon, sage and rosemary had to be harvested and dried. Pink Dianthus (different from today’s) were used to freshen the flavor of many Summer dishes with its clove-like flavor.

    *Household herbs – used to sweeten the air and alleviate pests.":

    Lavender – still used today to deter fleas and moths
    Rosemary – good for healing breaks, cuts, and lesions
    Citron – good for healing breaks, cuts, and lesions


    Apothecary’s Rose
    Bee Balm

    Some herbs were even grown for religious ceremonies.


    Lemon Balm
    Costmary (Alecost)
    Roses (Rosa species)
    Johnny jump-ups


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